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Axis Unit
Claws, teeth, and overwhelming stench.
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp
400 N/A ?
Morale Speed Priority
N/A ?px/s High?
The living proof (er, sort of) that the Nazis were both indescribably evil and more technologically advanced than the Allies.

This hulking mass of putrid evil is the stuff of nightmares, so much so that for the most part they are never encountered elsewhere. Note: for the most part. You might want to try your luck on the 31st of October also known as Halloween or All Hallows Eve and see what happens. Not very common even then, there is a .5% chance every wave that you will get zombies.

Little is currently known about them. They are believed to have been Volkssturm, because of their red arm bands, yet the US Army makes it known that they are willing to reward those who somehow manage to slay the already slain.

What we know

  • Their speed is random.
  • Their health is much over 100.
  • NEVER retreats. (Surprising, them being resurrected Volkssturm).
  • Come in packs of 2-6 zombies.
  • Said to be more common before wave 100, almost all appearing in the first 30 waves
  • They can get gibbed, but only by a direct rocket hit, mine, or anything larger (i.e. Arty, Tank shells).
  • Do an amusing spasm as your shots hit them.
  • Cannot be concentrate fired upon.
  • When you move your mouse onto the zombie there won't be any description.
  • All Around Defense will make your men shoot them.
  • Killing 20 of them (again...) will get you the Halloween Ribbon.
  • Mine strategies work well against them.
  • Letting them get inside your bunker is worse than with flamers.
  • The only unit that has ever been seen beating the sh!t out of a zombie was sarge with a bayonet (needed a heroism also).
  • Zombies can be killed by flamethrowers and by barbed wire, but using either of these methods will not increase your zombie kill total.
  • Sometimes (depending on websites) zombies don't appear at all.
  • An easy way to get rid of zombies is to use TNT.
  • They are Nazi's best friend. (Because they are counted as a flanker.)
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