Zündapp KS750

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Axis Unit
Zündapp KS750
Std unit axis bike idle.gif
1 driver, 1 gunner.
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp
300 0 1-20
Morale Speed Priority
N/A 20px/s N/A
A fast bike that would be rather inoffensive if not for the fact that it will draw your units' sights to it. Frequently causes friendly-fire kills in your own line. The gunner does not attack while in the vehicle.
"This is a Zündapp KS750 Wehrmacht motocycle with a side car. This unit is very fast and hard to hit. It will try to race thru your lines."
— Official game quote

This is the Zündapp KS750 Wehrmacht motorcycle with a sidecar. If it can get behind your lines, it will be counted as two flankers, if the MG42 gunner is still alive. Also, if the driver and gunner are killed but the motorcycle still manages to get past, that will count as a flanker.

If you kill the driver, an MG42 gunner will get out. If you kill the gunner, the bike will keep going.

After patch 2.2.7b Zündapp KS750 with its driver dead no longer counts as vehicle on the battlefield and won't catch crates, but they can still be destroyed.

Their lethality comes not from themselves, but from your own troops. Bazookas will constantly shoot at these instead of aiming for other, more lethal vehicles, and friendly fire is an even bigger worry if it dashes into your tank or trench. Or, it could be the other way around in that the bike runs into your infantry and you have a tank, which is bad as well. A squad with only rifles will quickly get overrun by it, so use some automatic weapons like the BAR or Tommy Gun to finish it off.

Shots against the bike have a 50% chance of hitting one of the passengers, while snipers enjoy a 75% chance.

Zündapp can also be found on Combined Arms Blitz and on Total Blitzkrieg Wave.

How do I kill it?

  1. Any large explosive, bazooka rocket and up, can destroy the vehicle with one hit.
  2. A grenade can damage or kill either the gunner or the driver. If lucky, it can destroy the vehicle.
  3. .50 caliber rounds can destroy the vehicle.
  4. Normal bullets can harm or kill the gunner and driver. Gunners and Half Track gunners can also destroy the bike.
  5. An engineer can easily destroy it by deploying mines.

Fun Facts

  • Bikes like this still exist (seat attached to main bike), but aren't really used by the military anymore.
  • Call of Duty 3 was the only Call of Duty game to include the Zündapp as a drivable vehicle.
  • If bikes get too close to your AT guns, there is a high possibility of friendly fire. *With the new patches being released AT guns don't blow themselves up anymore*
  • The sidecar passenger, whilst on the bike, looks like a Wehrmacht soldier.
  • The gunner could fire at you while he is on a sidecar, but he doesn't.

Real Life

In the Nazi blitzkrieg, motorcycles like the Zündapp were commonly used to help move machinegunners and soldiers up with the fast-moving panzers. After WWII, the motorcycle has not been commonly used in military units. They are used by civilians and mobile police force.

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