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This is article is about your profile experience points. For your men's experience stat, see exp.

An experience bar being hovered over.

Your profile XP is the amount of experience you have accumulated over all your games. It derives from the score at the end of each game, at a ratio of 1 XP per 3 score points.

Pointing your mouse at the green XP bar in your profile will show you your current XP and what's needed for your next promotion. Once the bar fills the entire ghosted line from left to right and the XP needed is 0 or even in the negatives (meaning you have more points than necessary to get promoted), upon entering the next deployment, you will receive a message informing you on your promotion.

When you first play the game, the XP bar start at the left, with 0 points, but once you have been promoted, the progress bar will start from the center from then onwards.

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