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Here you can accompany important changes to the Wiki's capabilities, structure and organization.

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  • Changed the captcha system from ReCAPTCHA into Questy, which challenges registrants and non-autoconfirmed users with silly questions. Both would've been preferable, but that was not an option.
  • Officers can now view the IP addresses of users through a new special page.


  • Vietnam NS fixed for good.
  • New custom IntraNamespace extension which parses all links in a page and make them point to the same NS, unless they specifically point to another.
    • For example, a page titled Recon:GI with links to [[rifle]], [[morale|mood]], [[:MNB Series]] and [[Wiki:Staff]] will have them automatically changed to [[Recon:rifle|rifle]], [[Recon:morale|mood]], [[:MNB Series]] and [[Wiki:Staff]]. Note that the last two haven't changed, because the first specifically points to an article in the Main namespace, while the second is under Wiki.
    • Additionally, links from their talk pages point to the parent namespace, and not to talk pages. E.g. A link on MNB2_talk:Zombie pointing to [[Santa]] will point to [[MNB2:Santa]], not [[MNB2_talk:Santa]].
    • This function is active only on the game-specific namespaces for Vietnam, Recon, MNB2 and MNB3, where it's natural for most of the links to point to other articles in the same game.
    • We can have all pages of those games stored within their namespaces, without the editors having to type the NS over and over again on every single link.
    • Together with the previous change in category sorting that made it ignore the NS and sort articles by their correct starting letters (e.g. G for Template:Generic), we can now use the new namespaces with considerable ease.
  • New PlaceNewSection extension which allows you to control where new sections (the + button on top) are inserted on the page and on which order.
  • Added #htmlencode:, #htmldecode: and #nowiki: to Processing Functions.


  • Default search namespaces modified to include the new ones as well as help sections. Already registered users will probably see no changes as they have their own overrides set by now.
  • Search keyword highlight turned on.
  • Categories are now set to ignore the namespace part of an article's name for sorting purposes (i.e. Strategy:Double Bunker will sort under D), but changes may not be visible yet without refreshing the database, which is a process I will look into later.
  • IP info will not be shown to anonymous users so that they can all be served the same cached version of the page, greatly increasing performance for casual visitors.
  • Number of users watching an article is now displayed at the footer.
  • Added #bool: to Processing Functions.


All this stuff is installed for evaluation purposes so that everyone can try them. If no good use is found for any one of these, it shall be removed.


  • Articles in the Vietnam and Recon NSs fixed.
  • Strategy, MNB2 and Wiki NSs created. The last is to be used in place of Mud_and_Blood_official_Wiki, which was unwieldy.
  • Loop Functions and Processing Functions extensions installed.


  • Lockdown is lifted.
  • Editing pages in the Help: and Mud_and_Blood_official_Wiki: namespaces now requires Trusted rights or above.
  • New namespaces created — Vietnam: , Recon: and MNB3:


  • Check Spambots extension installed and apparently working. It checks all new user registrations against a slew of anti-spambot blacklisting services for offending IPs and email addresses.
  • User Page Edit Protection prevents users from editing each other's pages, including subpages. Individual protection isn't needed anymore. Mods can bypass the restriction.
  • Protect Section allows Officers to insert < protect> tags around text to prevent it from being edited by others.


  • Custom titles enabled with no need to use the Template:Custom Title anymore. You can now use the native {{DISPLAYTITLE:Foo}} for this.
  • Max 1 account creation per IP in 24h setting enforced (wish I could increase that time). Officers exempted for testing purposes.
  • Found that ReCaptcha was actually enabled by default for all non-admin users, contrary to what their download page states. This is now changed and only non-autoconfirmed users will see it, now also when creating pages (useful for when we lift the lockdown).
  • Collapsible tables and navigation boxes implemented. For instructions, read here and here.

Unfortunately, it turns out that ReCaptcha stores session data in a user's cookies, so that if one has them turned off, one can bypass the check (!). This cannot be amended, because the alternate storage method is to use the Wiki's server cache, which if enabled will start caching all wiki pages and interface messages in the database, causing massive server load. Other anti-spam extensions will be looked into to cover this hole.



  • YouTubeTag (manual).
  • Live search suggestions enabled.
  • Image thumbnails disabled since the host does not support it, apparently. Now you will see the full images resized by your browser instead of those gray boxes with error messages.
  • Admins can rename users.
  • Subpages enabled for all relevant namespaces.
  • Custom user CSS/JavaScript enabled.

You can suggest changes in this forum thread.


New extensions on da hood, yo:

  • ReCAPTCHA, triggering on:
    • New user registration
    • Anonymous edits that contain new external links
    • Brute-force password cracking
  • ParserFunctions (manual).

When testing PF, please do so in the Sandbox first. If after saving, no errors are present, feel free to use it elsewhere.

Also changed:

  • Autoconfirmation requirements are now 10 days registered + 25 edits.
  • New Trusted usergroup that gives rights for uploading images and creating pages (question - should these be called PFC or some other military rank?).
  • Captain, Panzershreck, ReinFrenchments and Samuli removed from the staff.
  • Officers can assign Trusted users and move articles and files.

Any anomalies, please report them to Bersimon.

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