Westpoint Commendation

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Westpoint Commendation
West Point Commendation.jpg
5 soldiers rank up to an NCO.
Get one free officer at the start of each game.
Real Life Medal?

Westpoint, one of the most challenging, prestigious military academies in the world. They also are part of the ROTC program, where the best of the best can enter the army as an officer. Many commanders have a knack for getting troops lots of field promotions. If you set an example by getting 5 of your units promoted to NCOs (90exp), you will gain recognition from Westpoint, and they will send you an Officer free of charge whenever the Germans initiate an attack.

Fun Facts

  • The Westpoint Commendation is the only ribbon that can give you a guaranteed soldier (The Victoria Cross will give you an airborne drop but it is optional).
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