Westpoint Commendation

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Westpoint Commendation
West Point Commendation.jpg
5 soldiers rank up to an Officer.
Get one free officer at the start of each game.
Real Life Medal?

The United States Military Academy, known as West Point, is the federal service academy for the United States of America and one of the most prestigious military academies in the world. Every year it commissions 2nd lieutenants into the US Army after 4 years of challenging study and training. If he earns an appointment, an enlisted soldier can enter the Academy straight from the Army and climb his way up to the officer ranks. If 5 NCOs gain the field rank of 2nd lieutenant (90xp) under your command, West Point will recognize your efforts in forming officers with the Westpoint Commendation. As a reward, West Point will also foot the bill for an officer every time you engage the enemy.

Fun Facts

  • The Westpoint Commendation is the only ribbon that can give you a guaranteed soldier (The Victoria Cross‎ will give you an airborne drop but it is optional).
  • The Westpoint Commendation is not a real award in the military, but more information about the United States Military Academy (West Point) can be found here.
  • Sarge can be helpful in achieving this ribbon due to the advantage of high base xp and combat skills but the tactic also has the risk of catastrophically destroying the morale of the defenders. Experienced players tend to unlock this ribbon in a few games by utilizing proper strategy and gunners anti-infantry capabilities.
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