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Axis Unit
Wespe Mobile Artillery Tank
Std unit axis wespe idle.gif
Artillery Cannon
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp
1000 1 0
Morale Speed Priority
N/A 6 px/s ?
The most feared enemy. Makes an endless arty strike.

The Wespe is the most feared and talked about enemy currently in Mud and Blood 2.

It's job is to create endless arty strike to shred your infantry and lighter constructions (like the Antenna) that aren't covered with a Bunker or Pillbox.

It can also pose a threat to your bunkers.

Also, the Wespe makes the "Gold Bar" when it fires, the giant shell casing gets expelled.

Good news is the fact that Wespe doesn't appear really commonly , so you can prepare for one.

All fear the Wespe, and the Wespe fears only AT weapons.

In real life there were multiple versions of the wespe but they all served the same purpose, mobile Artillery.


Things you should know

See the main article: Wespe breakdown

How do I kill it?

  1. Large explosives (bazooka rockets and up) will kill the Wespe entirely.
  2. The Wespe may kill itself if a majority of your uncovered men are at the top half of the screen and the Wespe fires, but this is rare

Fun Facts

  • There is nothing fun about a wespe.
  • Except that it really should be smaller, seeing that it has the chassis of a Panzer II.
  • The Wespe is open-topped, yet you cannot see anybody inside.

Real Life

The SdKfz 124 Wespe (german for Wasp) was based after the Panzer II (they used the same chassis) and was armed with the 105 mm leFH 18 howitzer. It first saw combat in 1943 and was so amazing Hitler reserved Panzer II production for this and dropped many other projects. It was made from February 1943 to 1944. 840 had been produced, 158 of which were unarmed ammunition carriers.

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