Wehrmacht Blitz

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Wehrmacht Blitz
About 10 or more Wehrmacht soldiers.
Wehrmacht, those Eastern Front Troops, come to kill you. More dangerous than a Volkssturm Blitz, but not by much.

A Blitz Wave of the standard Wehrmacht soldiers, which puts out about 10-20 of them. They aren't all too dangerous, and are usually thought of as free exp, but can be dangerous when a high ranking soldier is killed. They are the German versions of your regular soldiers, which makes them somewhat weak, but in large groups of 15 or more they can overwhelm you fast. Good things to have during this blitz are semi-automatic weapons, such as old fashioned Thompson Sub Machine Gun or the M1 Garand.

How Do I Deal With This?

This blitz really is not the hardest. Just a Close Air Support and a good Gunner will get you through. Arty will do the job too. A lucky bomb will do the trick.

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