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"War in real life is like Mud and Blood, but with better graphics and no spawns." -Urb through a tip.

A wave counter by a Scout, giving a visual representation of the time for the next wave

Waves are German spawns occurring at precise intervals.

Waves come every 30 seconds.

When you have a Scout, you will be able to see when the next wave will come on a counter at the top of the screen.

There are some ways that waves can be called early. Some examples are the Taunt command (gives you one Tactical Point), or enemy actions like a German Officer calling some support or an enemy picking up a crate (No TP awarded for either). Although these advance the wave counter, they don't reset the wave countdown, meaning you might get two waves at once.

The first five waves give you 2 TP each, while all the others give you one each.

Devastating waves are called Blitz Waves and are extremely challenging, but rewarding.

Important Wave Steps

The following wave steps refer to the Logical Wave Counter. It may differ form the Visible Wave Counter you see in the top left corner of the screen if you picked up a crate containing Detailed Orders.


  • 1-5: You get 2 TPs each wave.
  • 25: From now on blitz waves may occur. If they come before that point, they are usually nerfed.
  • 50: Taunts will no longer increase the visible nor the logical wave Counter.
  • 50: According to a tip, the Germans start deploying more specialized units against you.
  • 80: As from now there is a 1% chance that an Unfair event may appear. This chance will increase by 1% every 25 waves.
  • 80: Getting this far you are awarded with the Silver Star.
  • 100: Per Flanker there is now a 2% chance that an Unfair Event may happen.
  • 100: Reaching it might get you a medal. This is the only time were the visible wave counter is crucial.
  • 120: Congratulations. The Gold Star is yours!

If you are using Last Stand as your deploy option, you start with the logical wave counter set to wave 100.

Final Assault

In versions prior to patch 2.2.6a you get the wave 100 Final Assault, a huge collection of vehicles and soldiers almost guaranteed to take out the inexperienced rookie. Luckily, in patch 2.2.6a,the final assault was removed.

At final assault, the German attack pattern will change (Credits to Smurph's post.)

From empirical evidence... wave 100 Final Assault works in the following manner:

  1. There are about 6 German enemy troop "slots".
  2. Roughly every 1 to 5 seconds the game checks if the German troops in those slots are dead.
  3. If the troop in that slot is dead the game spawns another German soldier.
  4. The German troops to spawn in that slot are randomly chosen.
  5. Regular waves still spawn at regular times.

Thus, after the Final Assault, you are always facing 6 German soldiers, plus regular spawn waves. If, at any point, you aren't fighting 6 German soldiers, the game will quickly rectify the situation by making new ones. This replacement of dead troops makes some interesting strategy decisions. The faster you kill the Germans, the more Germans come out at the top of the screen. Try not killing any Germans for a bit. You will notice that random German soldiers stop appearing from the top of the screen (if there are 6 already alive and on-screen).

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