Waffen SS Blitz Wave

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Waffen SS Blitz
That is what will happen if you annoy Hitler far too much.
WaffenSS Blitz.jpg

The Waffen SS– scary guys who run and shoot at you. About 5-10 of them spawn and start running. As a backup, you can always call CAS and make an organ farm field day out of the Waffen SS, if your signaler is experienced enough to make the call fast enough that is.. Otherwise, you can just try to shoot it out with them.

How Do I Deal With This?

These units will rush through your lines even while taking cover so huge volumes of fire are needed to stop this sort of blitz. They almost never get pinned, so watch out.

Grease Guns, BARs and MGs are useful for killing the quick beggars, and if you have experienced soldiers with these weapons, you can kill many of the Waffen, but the SS fire while moving, like scouts. As such, players must be wary of casualties. A gunner of NCO experience would be enough, but if the gunner isn't, he might not be able to engage every last target.

The All Around Defense Order is actually very useful, due to each unit picking off one unit rather than going for individual mass fire and pinning, which is an unreliable tactic for Waffen SS soldiers.

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