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A few short strategies for playing MnB:Vietnam.

Dig In!

A simple strategy for simple people. It hinges on having an RTO, no RTO, no game. For the first step you must assault the bunker, clear every stinking VC out and move all of your men to the centre, now comes the assault, to survive this, have your RTO call in an ammo drop on the centre of the bunker. Keep on calling ammo drop to the bunker when it doesent have any ammo left. Simple yet effective, the reason this strategy works so well is that your men are clustered and cannot be overrun one-by-one. You will eventually get defeated, either by too low HQ merit, men wounded or Vietcong artillery.

Ico Strategies Vietnam.png The hopeful effect of this strategy.

Hammer and Anvil

The hammer and anvil strat is simple, take half of your men, mostly your higher observation and rifle men, with the special troops like Rangers and Navy Seals and move behind the compound, and then everyone else walks across the compound, triggering the enemy to fire, who then get picked off by the anvil, or your guys in the back.

Tactical Placement

One of the more "sophisticated" Vietnam strategies, though simple all the same. Clear out the VC, like in the "Dig in!" strategy, and then place your men in the area most effective depending on their weapon, specialties, etc.

  • The rifleman, and any special units with M-16s, M-14s, or Thumpers will use the sandbags around the bunker.
  • Rangers, soldiers using a combat rifle but with horrible accuracy, and any units using Grease Guns and Colt M1911s will take the trench surrounding the sandbags and bunker.

Call in an ammo drop near the bunker. Any units in or around the bunker that are very valuable will not have to risk getting shot to restock. Send the men in the trenches and sandbags only in small groups so your squad doesn't lose too much firepower while restocking.

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