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MnB: Vietnam

Chronologically, this is the second title in the MnB series. In it, you control a squad of marines assaulting a Vietcong base, then holding out against an endless assault. Released in July 2nd 2004, it was succeeded by... Mud and Blood 2!

You can still play it on Newgrounds.

This game was a lot more random than our Mnb 2; weapons and support were completely randomized. Unlike MnB 2, you don't have Tactical Points, but you can't get reinforcements, and whenever you use radio commands, your merit will decrease and your requests will eventually get denied.

"This game pitches you at the command of an infantry platoon right in the middle of the Vietnam War. This concept follows an RTS pattern (real time strategy). In this game you are commanding an infantry platoon and you will have to secure an old French bunker and hold it as long as you can against waves of Vietcongs while taking care of your men and logistic details.

The series Mud and Blood is there since long. I started it long ago with a World War 1 trench simulator back in the Flash 4 days. The game was outrageously complex and brutal and scared most of my testers away.

So, I came with a new design later on, mainly to test some RTS algorithms I had in the back of my mind for a while. Mud and Blood Vietnam includes a lot of nifty features. It's using a sound engine that's generating footsteps according to which surface is walked on, and it pans each sound according to the location where it should be heard. Mainly, if a soldier fires a weapon and he is located to the right, you will hear the shot in the right speaker. On the other hand, even if you can't see the VCs sometimes, if you listen carefully, you may hear from where they try to sneak in.

Amongst the crapload of functions in this game each single soldier is unique, with 7 characteristics, ranks, kills and name. Also, you can use the radio (if your radio man is still alive) to call air strikes, gunship support, reinforcements and ammo."


Since this was released to the general public (unlike the first MnB), we have some detailed info on it:

Your men are very talkative. When they are shot they will say:

  • "F--k, I'm hit!"
  • "S--t, I'm hit!"
  • "Goddamn, I'm hit!"
  • "I'm hurt!"
  • "I'm hit, oh jeez!"

When they spot an enemy:

  • "Enemy sighted."
  • "Enemy in sight!"
  • "We're compromised!"
  • "We've got hostiles with guns!"

Whenever they supply:

  • "I'm resupplied."
  • "Supplied!"
  • "Ammo's up."

When you issue an order:

  • "Roger."
  • "Will do."
  • "Wilco."

As you can see there was a lot more voice acting in this game.

Here you can see your soldier's stats:

Health: How much your soldier is hurting.

Accuracy: This unit's likelihood of hitting his target.

Observation: How good this soldier is at spotting Vietcong.

Combat Experience: Similar to exp, how fast this unit makes decisions.

Leadership: This unit's ability to lead. Navy seals have good leadership.

Mood: One would think this is similar to morale, but doesn't seem to have much effect.

Ammo: Your men can only hold so much ammo. Call in a supply run to restock your men.

Kills: How many men this one soldier has killed.

Spec: If this soldier is specially trained, their specialty will be listed here.

Soldiers were randomly generated. Some times you got special units. These were:

Medic: Medics can heal your soldiers when they get hit. Warning: This unit seems to be bugged. The Heal-Function does not work.

Green Beret: Green Berets are battle ready shock troopers with high stats.

Navy Seal: Navy Seals have augmented stats, often with high mood.

Ranger: Rangers are scouts that usually have high observation and shotguns.

RTO: RTOs are your radiomen, if they die you can't contact your HQ.

Sniper: Snipers have, well, sniper rifles and high accuracy.

You can get any number of these special troops. There are times when you get 5 radiomen. On the other hand, you can get no special units at all! This game is usually quite slow but it is an old version after all.

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