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Navy Seal
Starting equipment:
Average stats:
Health Observation Accuracy
10 ? ?
Mood Experience Leadership
High ? ?
An elite unit.

A unit with augmented stats, often with high mood. Sometimes Navy Seals come with almost maximum stats and will be extremely devastating killers.

The Navy equal to the Green Beret, these guys were legends in Vietnam, and boy do they prove it very well. They are basically upgraded Marines so you can use these guys same way as you would use normal squad of grunts. Although, as they have better stats, they are pretty good when deployed in trench to stop VC attack, you must be lucky to get significant numbers of them. So, it's best to use these units to reinforce marine teams, as opposed to on their own.

Real Life

The navy SEALs were first introduced in the early 1960's under the Kennedy administration. The jobs performed by these advanced units were performed in WWII by navy UDT specialists. The Navy SEALS (SEALs stands for sea, air, land) were very useful in early war counter-insurgency tactics.

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