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Standard MnB:Vietnam screen.

On the right, a standard Mud And Blood: Vietnam screen is shown. The screen is about 800x600 pixels.

In the center you see the compound you are supposed to capture, within that compound you have sandbags and trenches along the edges, which provide okay bullet protection, and in the center a bunker, which has max protection.

To the upper left is a stream bed, which is a good place to stick a sniper or RTO, around the back of the compound you have roads and craters, the craters have the same effect as a trench.



The troops in the green uniforms are your soldiers and can be moved anywhere on-screen. To move a unit, first click on the unit until a yellow circle appears, then double-click to change its location to that area.


In the box in the lower left-hand corner, the statistics of the selected soldier will appear. The first is health, then accuracy, then observation, then combat experience, then mood, then ammunition, then kills, and finally speciality. Left of these shows the soldier's rank and weapon. Special soldiers may have higher stats, depending upon their speciality.


To get to your radio you need an RTO. When you establish that you have one (by looking through the specialities of each unit), press the R key.

You will then be taken to the Support menu where you can choose what support to call. Mud and Blood:Vietnam does not have TP, so calls are simply based on the commander's merit. Calling more support lowers your chance to get a positive response.


If you click on the little icon named "Guide", a menu will pop up explaining various instructions on how to play the game, from weapons to landscape to enemies, it's all there.


There are 2 landscape features in Mud and Blood:Vietnam that affect the strategic aspects of battle: craters and bunkers


Craters can be found in the top right of the compound or in the stream-bed near the top left, as well as within the built area. They give average bullet protection and are good places to hide an RTO that needs protection


There is only one, at the middle of the compound. It gives maximum protection against all forms of damage and is effectively exploited in some strategies. The VC will try to hide in here as much as possible, so clean the place out before trying to take it over.

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