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Air strike is an extremely powerful support option. It is pulled off by an F4 Phantom which carpet bombs the area. It is very useful against large enemy attacks as it destroys a very large area, it is also the fastest air support you can get. Of course there are a few bad things. It isn't 100% accurate, and carpet bombing starts from a designated location so can cause friendly fire. Its best called against a large enemy attack and targeted to the center of the enemy group so it will kill someone. Not advised to be used against the bunker. And you would think it destroys trees, but sadly it won't.

Real Life

Air-strikes were used in jungle warfare to clear areas of forest for landing zones or to clear out large areas with the intention of killing plenty of enemies. The bombs used were mainly leftovers from WW2, so their accuracy was low and often contained napalm to burn the forest down to increase Line of Sight of friendly forces and to reduce the cover of VC-fighters. There also was emergency signal code-named Broken Arrow. It was called under extreme situations and it contained massive amounts of air-strikes and air support.


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