Victoria Cross

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Victoria Cross
Victoria Cross.jpg
Survive 10,000 enemy waves before the 100th mission, deploying less than 2,500 men
Get a free airborne drop per mission.
Real Life Medal?

From the very beginning of strategic training, a handful of commanders have excelled above all others. These commanders are the top of the top, and they are rarely found. These few have proven countless times to be both effective and efficient in battle, as well as in just sending some Germans to the Underworld.

Although high ranks, respect and lots of URB are rewards enough, the British Army is willing to pay their gratitude to these commanders in one more way. The Victoria Cross is the most distinguished award, as well as the most rewarding one. Its reward is a free paratrooper drop every game, the equivalent of 12 free TP. There are many guides on how to get this medal, but it is one of the most difficult medals to achieve. The requirements are to immediately start scoring 100 wave games, and order less than 25 men per mission.

Note: This medal employs the Logical Wave Counter, which may differ from the Visible Wave Counter.

Fun Facts

  • As this medal requires you to survive 10,000 waves BEFORE the 100th mission, if you score over 100 waves per game you will get it a lot sooner.
  • This medal is actually a British commonwealth medal, meaning it is award by some countries of the British Dominion including Britain itself, Canada, Australia and others, it was made from cannons captured from the Russians during the Crimean war.
  • This medal is the highest award a person can acheive in some commonwealth armies.
  • 628 VC's were awarded during the First World War to 627 recipients and 182 were awarded in WW2 to 181 recipients. Since then, 13 have been awarded.
  • There are 8 living holders of the real medal to date.
  • Combining this medal with the Airborne Badge gives you 6 free paratroopers worth 18 TP every game.
  • This is a pretty hard medal to get, so don't feel bad if you passed 100 missions, and didn't have enough waves, or have more then 2500 soldiers deployed.

Real Life

The Victoria cross is the highest military decoration, awarded for 'Valor in the face of the enemy' to members of the armed forces in the British commonwealth and empire, it was established on the 29th January 1856 By Queen Victoria to honor or acts of valor during the Crimean war, since then 1,357 have been awarded to 1,354 recipients.

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