Veterancy Ribbon

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{{ Ribbon
{{ Ribbon
| name  = Vetrancy Ribbon
| name  = Veterancy Ribbon
| image  = [[Image:d.Gif]]
| image  = [[Image:d.Gif]]
| req    = Face 100 [[blitz]] waves.
| req    = Face 100 [[blitz]] waves.

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Veterancy Ribbon
Veterancy Ribbon.Gif
Face 100 blitz waves.
Tactical cap is increased by one.
Real Life Medal?

Some blitzes are hard, others easy if you just spam CAS on them, but what really counts is the number. If you face 100 of these easy, hard, or just damn annoying waves then you will get this ribbon and you can truly call yourself a veteran Mud and blood 2 player. Sadly there are no further ribbons e.g. for 200 and 300 waves so you cannot become Elite or Uber-elite.

You will get this ribbon if you play mud and blood even a moderate amount. Its reward is actually not that bad, having your TP cap being increased by 1. This can be compared to the Survival ribbon seeing that it has the same reward that this ribbon has.

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