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Vehicles (also called Armor in military parlance) are units that are immune to small arms fire, have variable base health values (generally higher than foot units), have no morale, gain experience and rank up normally, and possess gun skill, which in other units is called rifle, but it works the same way.

Vehicles suffer reduced damage from Anti-Personnel explosions, but they can be KOed with a single Anti-Tank explosive blast of any source (including grenades, if un/lucky). They also sustain damage from .50 cal machineguns (see Jeep and Fifty), and are immune to gibbing and flames. When destroyed, they leave a wreckage, but this wreckage provides no cover other than occasionally stopping a flying rocket.

Some have exposed crewmen who can be shot out. The player is able to replace these, but the AI can't, and they cannot be removed afterwards. Crew replacement resets the vehicle's rank, experience and gun skill to those of the crewman himself. Some Axis vehicles have a hidden driver which can also be shot out. Some vehicles are actually stationary gunnery emplacements, while others are the fastest-moving units in the game.

Vehicles count as only 1 unit to your squad, independent of the amount of crew members, and continue counting even when the crew has been killed but the vehicle itself hasn't been destroyed. Mechanics can repair them for you, but medics cannot heal the crew onboard.

Vehicles do not respond to most officer orders

Vehicles benefit from the following crate drops: Field Manuals (+5 exp) and Armor Plating (+100 health; stackable; can exceed base health).


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