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Hello people, I'm Riderx. If you care to talk to me, talk here. However,this page may be, at-times, protected against usage, so you might not be able to talk when there is vandalism in the wiki.

I'm an officer (rights) (There are 3 officers in the wiki) in the wiki, so I can help you solve disputes and editing problems.

Here is my user page, and here is the archive of this page.

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(Current time:05:07 (UTC)) My Time

Today is Sunday, the 5 of December, 2021

Finally, don't insult and/or flame me here, because it will be a warning and possibly a ban.


Fortified Structure?

Could you please me make a picture of a mortar pit under a bunker for the fortified structures. --It's Me 19:09, 1 April 2011 (UTC) ~talk


You failed to respond to my last message. I desire instruction, please provide. -Branabus, minor

OK, thanks. Also, the Wiki has had over 3,000,000 views (all pages. The most viewed pages are the Main Page (hurr durr) and the Medals and Ribbons category, so if there's anything at all we can do to improve functionality there, that would be good. Just don't ruin them. -Branabus, minor

Wiki Idea

Hi, it's me, Pieman (same as on IRC). I had an idea about the wiki and I wasn't sure where to go to share it, so I'm hoping here works. I was wondering if we could have a section on each page with links to all the on-site media about the subject. For example, at the bottom of the Jeep page, there is a link to the jeep.png file. Thanks for considering.

My strat.

Hey i was wondering why my strategy comes under G in the [[Category:guide Packs]] please fix.


What did urb say? I messaged him and he said that he'd already told you about the short-term feasibility of them. -Branabus, minor

New Ideas

Can you bring these up with Urb think about it Mud and Blood: Pacific theater

can you tell me how to repaint the unit pictures so i can show you


Just to let you know, your sig says 'Contibs' Death23 T C TML! Wiki Moderator


im on!!!!--Bomb 01:19, 13 April 2011 (UTC)

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