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I hereby award you my ribbon!
I hereby award you my ribbon!
{{Badge|Black|White|Has  {{usr|Brandenburger}}'s utmost respect|Image:15.gif}}
{{Badge|Black|White|Has  {{usr|Brandenburger}}'s utmost respect|Image:West_Point_Commendation.jpg‎}}

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Talk To --Riderx T~C~Guide Officer)

This page's current protection level is LOW. This may change without notice in cases of vandalism, but will be restored to LOW or NONE.


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Editing, disputes, promotions, MnB

My table:

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Finally, don't insult and/or flame me here, because it will be a warning and possibly a ban.


I am a new editor and I really love MnB2. Thanks to your stratergy, I took 1780 Germans and 38 tanks before getting overruned! You rock!

Rip Off

I was going to do that when i do my strat but you will find i changed it a bit ----Hitler Hater Talk Contribs My Guide 13:43, 12 June 2011 (UTC)

Brandenburger :)

It's me.You're brother in MnB.Can ya give me the clear,or at least allow me to edit my page.Thanks mate!:)

Brandenburger's Ribbon

I hereby award you my ribbon!

This user Has Brandenburger's utmost respect West Point Commendation.jpg
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