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Welcome to the Mud and Blood official Wiki, Pillbox101! This wiki is run by Urb and mostly created by the MnB community. As a reader, there are no real guidelines, you can just read the articles. However, as an editor, we have some rules to make sure the wiki looks neat and professional. If you need to learn how to edit, read the editing manual. If you are in need of stuff to edit, you can check the New Editor Guide or the Maintenance Portal. If you have any concerns, feel free to ask any officer, and if you have any questions feel free to contact any NCO or officer. A list of those users can be found at the staff page.

Here's a quick guide on how to edit the wiki:

<youtube v="5BK2yYWUVkE" />

Best of Wishes,

The Wiki Staff

Inappropriate Language

I have been reviewing some of your edits, and though I generally like them, I dislike the usage of inappropriate language in some. Please go back through your edits and make them more appropriate for the Wiki setting, and bear that in mind in future edits. For a guide of what is acceptable, please see here.

Regards, and, otherwise, continue the good work! -Branabus, minor


Yeah, I know, I saw brana's comment. ^

It just seems silly to ban "damn" while there are other worse words on the wiki. - Brut

Quotes and editing

OK, OK, OK!!! I give thumbs up on the quote thing, BUT! You need to use minor edit when you do those small typo fixes or some other small edits. You made about 15 edits what should have been marked as minor and are making it hard to find the first edit from certain article. --Hyyppa WikiMod.png

RE:Your Message

I'm not going to get a massive argument going, but I feel I must respond to a few of your points.

Firstly, I became NCO because I made good edits, with good grammar and had the support of most of the wiki staff, I did fix your quotes and I see no trace of whining, I also don't see why you should attack me instead of/as well as Hyyppa, who helped me with this. In the words of the wiki itself:

Please note that all contributions to Mud and Blood official Wiki may be edited, altered, or removed by other contributors. If you do not want your writing to be edited mercilessly, then do not submit it here.

Thank you --Death23 Talk Contribs My Guides Wiki Moderator 18:18, 26 September 2011 (UTC)

Assumptions are dangerous.

Some things:
  1. Sign your posts, please. That's like this: ~~~. It makes it easy for us to identify who wrote them.
  2. With regard to the bad language thing, I was referring more to your use of 'sh*t' than 'damn' or 'damnit'. Those words are acceptable. Nevertheless, my thanks for reacting to me with alacrity and thoroughness.
  3. Death is accurate to say that his grammar is generally good, if you feel that any specific edit has poor grammar, please edit it out. No-one is infallible, not even me. Remember to provide a summary of what you did, as well as marking the 'grammar edit' edit as minor.
  4. If you have a problem with an NCO, although you might wish to talk about the issue over with him before taking it to us, you shouldn't question his position suitability directly to him. Instead, if talking has failed, take it to one of the Officers or higher.
Regards, anyway. We cannot have bad blood between two contributors. Patch over your differences, and that's an order. -Branabus, minor
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