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For future notice, adding reports of old bugs do not contribute to the actual articles at all. Do not add those to the pages. Also, specialty pages and weapons pages have sufficient information regarding those units which already use the weapon or have the specialty in question. They do not require further additions. And your question relating to the User Page, you need to have done enough productive edits to deserve one. I have the authority to give one, but I do not consider you to deserve one yet. You need to prove yourself first. --Hyyppa

Forum account creation

After some work behind the scenes I have found out that the security code during forum registeration is not even supposed to work. It is to be ignored and left empty, account creation is still completely functional even if you leave it alone. --Hyyppa

Thanks!--Joacobanfield 14:36, 16 March 2014 (UTC)Joacobanfield

Wiki Combat Ribbon

You have done 104 edits. Out of the relevant ones in the actual wiki (eg. not user pages, talk pages, Noob in MnB2) I have either reverted, re-written or otherwise fixed easily over 80%. You have at best 20 productive edits, so as far as I am concerned, do not even think about adding that Wiki Award on your user page. --Hyyppa

OK, just curious. Wont retry though. Not interested anymore. And GSM is not my idea. Just reminded me of it cus' it stays at the top of the screen and annoys the sludge out of everyone and noone can shoot him down--Joacobanfield 00:28, 14 October 2014 (UTC)

OK, will keep on editing

Bronze Poster Medal

You have 106 forum posts with majority being one-liners. Try again at 200 posts. --Hyyppa

I have to admit that due to your "German spam mortar" comments written on full caps alone make me doubt of you fulfilling the requirements. I am going to propose a compromise. I am not going to support your ribbon. If you can find someone to nominate you for the wiki medal and gain support from more than the nominator alone for that ribbon, then you can have it. This is going to be done according to the protocol. --Hyyppa


I am not entirely sure what you are talking about. You changed the email address but haven't received a confirmation email concerning what? The changed email? New password? Account verification? And why asking the question in here when a forum problem should be posted on the forum themselves. --Hyyppa The new email verification. And I did not post on the forums because it wont let me even see the main page, much less let me post. Should I make a NEW account?--Joacobanfield 16:43, 24 October 2014 (UTC)

HCM Sandals

Hey. I'm aware that the HCM Sandals don't have a page or any information - there's a lot of gear missing currently. However, we're doing this in a tiered process. Once we finish all the weapons and get that entire category finished, we can move on to equipment, and then units, and then assets and so on. Best to focus on one thing before we tackle the entirety of Recon at once. Just focus on the Weapons category and the pages within the Recon Overhaul Project category for now. --SpitzerFX 23:05, 5 September 2015 (UTC)

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