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Hi everyone how are you doing if you like strategies I make strategies. I have a few on N00B Guides so if you want to see them go there and I will have more strategies soon!


My Strategy Section

My Badges

This user brings doom and death to Nazis Icon death.gif
This user is badass (hell, yeah!) Std unit allied sarge idle.gif
This user is a nade lover! Xx gib meatbone.gif
This user is a BAR supporter X weapon allied bar.gif
This user Hates Hitler. Std unit axis officer aim.gif
This user Loves the U.S.A!!! MnB Cross.jpg
This user is multicultural. Std unit allied specops idle.gifStd unit allied regular idle.gif Std unit allied french idle.gif
This user believes in a free Internet. That means no censorship, no corporate ties, no snooping, no government intervention. If we don't act now; we will lose this freedom. And remember, freedom is the greatest thing on earth. image

My Records

Most amount of Nazis killed in one game: 1000

Record Amount of time spent alive: 10 minutes

Highest Wave Number: 102

Highest amount of tanks at one time (without Last Stand): 2

Highest Rifle Skill for a soldier: 124

Highest Frenchie Rank: Seargeant

Highest Frenchie liftime: 4 minutes

Highest Frenchie Rifle Skill: 52

Record Tank Firing Speed: 1 shot every 1.5 seconds

Longest Time With a PAK 38 on screen for a Tank lifetime: 1 minute 48 Seconds (the tank won)

Things that happened to me that are AWESOME!!!!!! (and sad)

I GOT A FREE HALFTRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Free frenchie...

Failed taunt... 9 TIMES IN A ROW!!!!!!


Camnet glitched and got destroyed on placement...

1 second after going past the Six man rule, I got bombed...

Further editing

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I am sorry I didn't know I had to so OK. EpicStrategyIdeaMan

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