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This is my talk page, send me messages here.


Minor edit and preview

Read this and this before doing further editing, thank you. --Hyyppa

USE the PREVIEW button! You have made more than dozen edits that could all have been avoided by using preview button. It is the button on the middle, USE IT. Unofficial warning. --Hyyppa

What preview button,I can't find it

Oh for crying out loud, it is the botton on the center, the button on right side of the changes button what you have been pressing way too often. Use it or you start racking up warnings fast. --Hyyppa

Ok but it won't work I'M A EPIC FAIL.  :( thanks for the warning

What do you mean it doesen't work? Klicking it doesen't do anything? It is supposed to show the page allowing you to see what you are about to do so you can fix those spelling mistakes and other stupid fails without saving the page and spamming 5 million useless edits what gets you banned. --Hyyppa

How does the preview page tell my the spelling mistakes?

You are supposed to READ through what you have edited when you press the preview button. It allows you to read the text and see the page so you know have you destroyed template like you did in Air Superiority and allow you to see if you have made broken link (it's red). And that place for newcomers = Not going to happen. There would be even more spam when they mess around testing stuff. And word of advice, don't go telling Trampek what to do. He knows what he is doing, he has been in wiki for over 2 years. --Hyyppa

Miscellaneous question answers

Sending paratrooper pictures = What? If you mean real life paratrooper pictures, not going to happen. Wiki won't be flooded by useless pictures. And becoming auto-confirmed happens after few edits allowing you to edit some more important pages. --Hyyppa

What I mean is mnb pictures,it's for my user page.Thanks for the info David

[[Image:Std_unit_allied_paratrooper_idle.gif‎]] and [[File:Paratrooper.jpg]], copy those links to the whatever page you are going to do. Im keepinf eye on your actions.... --Hyyppa

You can not say something is the way it is if you have not provided any evidence. You haven't even explained how you mean they are more accurate. More accurate compared to grenades by not falling short? By extremely often gibbing the target? Grenades seem inaccurate becouse they have far smaller throwing range than RG's (200-450 VS 250-500, map is 600 pixels long) making them look more accurate. Provide evidence to prove that this is true instead of just being impression about it. --Hyyppa

Team sign up sheet


What does it take to post a strategy here on the WIKI?

There is no definite requirement, anyone with a strategy can create their own page to share it, provided it qualifies as a working strategy guide of sufficient length and not just a list of tips or a bunch of very vague directions. This is a rather subjective requirement that is up to the judgement of the Wiki Staff.

Your best bet would be to develop your guide in the Forum first, gather feedback and make alterations until people are happy with it. If players think your strategy sucks, the Wiki Staff's opinion would probably be the same, you know. Once you have a working guide in your hands, just give it a name and ask someone here to create a dedicated page for you.

I hope this explains it! --Bersimontalk Admin 16:46, 27 September 2012 (UTC)

Spambot, GotM and badge guide

It is not spam bot. It is joke only adults and teenagers who know something about work understand. And GotM is practically dead becouse nobody has any new guides to submit. No need to start competition where you get 2 participants. And the badge making guide explains how you can create a badge. If you don't understand the boldened code, you never can create a badge. --Hyyppa

I didn't say it is a spam bot, I said that it is a spam spot and I get it but it is still spam.Just to say "lol" is spam.

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