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Vinchenso's Badges
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Hi there and yes I'm new to MnB wiki, but have played the game for a long time. I feel that MnB2 is one of the better games on the net due to replayability, graphics quality, laglessness and interesting gameplay. I got here from a link ingame and decided I wanted to contribute to this awesome site on one of my favourite games.

About Me

I love my history and am a bit of a documentary junkie. Mnb has always source of great fun and anguish, but Recon is utterly nerve racking. I'm in resurgence, because we could all do with some new data to help us through it all.

My Medals

Name Ribbon Name Ribbon
|Assault Expert Award
Assault Expert Award.jpg
Bronze Star
Bronze Star.jpg
Chain of Command Ribbon
Chain of Command Ribbon.png
Combat Ribbon
Defence Expert Award
Defence Expert Award.jpg
Gallantry Medal
Gallantry Medal.jpg
Gold Star
Gold Star.jpg
Ground Controller Ribbon
Ground Controller Ribbon.jpg
Guerilla warfare ribbon
Guerrilla Warfare Ribbon.png
Infantry Specialist Ribbon
Infantry Specialist Ribbon.png
Kyoto Ribbon
Kyoto Ribbon.jpg
Legion d' Honneur
Logistics Ribbon
Logistics Ribbon.jpg
Manoeuvre Ribbon
Manoeuvre Ribbon.jpg
Medal of Honor
Medal of Honor.jpg
Meritorious Unit Commendation
Meritorious Unit Commendation.jpg
Remembrance Day Ribbon
Remembrance Day Ribbon.png
Sapper Commendation
Sapper Commendation.jpg
Silver Star
Silver Star.jpg
Special operations ribbon
Special Operations Ribbon.gif
Survival ribbon
Survival Ribbon.png
Tank Killer Ribbon
Tank Killer Ribbon.jpg
Urb's anatomy ribbon
Urb's Anatomy Ribbon.gif
War Effort Ribbon
War Effort Ribbon.jpg
Westpoint Commendation
West Point Commendation.jpg
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