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Who is he?

Well, urb is the sole creator of all the flash games we love to hate (because they use non-linear concepts and random equations). He makes the games in the Mud and Blood Series, LW (Last Winter), STWALT (Save The World At LunchTime), Gekisen and Urbanslug (currently being remade by the much liked Reid).

He'll pop in the wiki every now and then (he's really busy, so not too often), correcting facts, approving policies, and doing other important things.

Forums and websites

Urb has a few websites, from game sites, to blogs, to social networks., this is where the dream began and the original forums for MnB2, LW, Gekisen and Urbanslug were housed. Later on, when urb started on MnB:Recon, he opened his second games site: Currently, is defunct and cannot be accessed.

His other website has since moved from to, your new source of unfairness on the web.

He has also opened an MnB account on Facebook, and you can follow his projects on Twitter.

More about him

Well, urb is Canadian and lives there with his wife. He is in the armed forces, and he absolutely loves his Mustangs!

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