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Teenpiimp's User Page!

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My User-Box
Age: 15
Hometown: Phoenix
Years of MnB: 0.5
Favorite Unit: Engineer
Best Wave: 134
Site I play MnB on: MudandBlood.Net

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Did you know?
Führer translates literally as Guide.


About Me

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A little About Me

I've been playing Mud and Blood for about half an year now, but only found out about the wiki on (6/15/13).On (6/27/13), I joined the wiki page to help out! So far I've done +75 edits and most were positive. I'm also an decent player, I have made two close protection strategy's so far. Below you'll find some information on good/bad times, units i made up, badges, Mini Badge for respect! and some other neat stuff to, Enjoy!

Need Help?

Many new user have problems on trying to add ribbon's, Medal's or other neat stuff you can add to your user page such as the ~My User-Box~

If you need any help with that please feel free to contact me in my discussion page!

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The best thing's that have happen to me in MnB

  • A -German's changed tactics- came in during a -Panzer Company Blitz- when I had no AT power what so ever.
  • A V1 Blitz was called but it never showed up, so much win!
  • A Wespe came, soldier threw a grenade, DIRECT HIT.
  • Officer Died, had Sarge around a bunch a soldier that lost the will to fight, Sarge call all back to fight, YES!
  • I bought two bunker in a row that were both free, 10 TP Free Baby.
  • I got Sarge for free once, 12 TP Free Man.
  • Unfair event, Precise airstrike landed on my pillbox.

The worst thing's that have happen to me in MnB

  • I got a Flak 38 In the first wave, those poor men.
  • It also came with a Pak-38, what a way to start a game.
  • Needed Three more waves to get the gold star, crate fell on my Engineer, I got detailed orders.
  • A Mobile Artillery Blitz came after that and ended me, So Close
  • Those two free bunkers i got, They both got destroy by a V1 blitz Shortly after a minute.
  • A grenade blast far away from my soldier killed him, Dang shrapnel.
  • One of my soldier got shot, took only one damage, shortly after he go shot again and his health was Exactly 0, Grrrr.
  • when motors destroy my cam-nets.

My Favorite Allied Unit's

1st - Engineer Used to construct many defensive's and good anti-Infantry.

2nd - Gunner Used manly on Anti-Infantry, He very good and should be in every squad.

3rd - Officer Used to lower flankers and to give TP, Very good for a rear guard, CQC and to use Command Decisions.

4th - Soldier Your basic G.I Grunt, what not to love about him? he can be used for anything.

5th - Medic The lifesaver in the field's, He run very quick, Can HEAL Troops and can be used as a distraction for those PAK-38 devils.

Axis Units That I Hate

1st - Flak 38 The reason i hate this unit, It Always comes early for my games and always destroy's all my troops which is very annoying

2nd - PAK 38 Same reason above, But always destroy's my bunkers.

3rd - V1's You know why.

4th - 12 SS Panzer These guys always come into the game early, causing trouble, with there very high morale, These guys are deadly in CQC.

5th - Panzergrenadier Spamming grenades with a German change Tactics, They always destroy Cam-Nets, Always.

My Favorite Defensives

1st - Bunker Used to shelter units from German Airstrikes, Hopefully its not a direct hit.

2nd - Trench Used to block bullets.

3rd - Sandbag Used to Reinforce cam-nets, trenches and bunkers, Cheap too.

4th - Cam-Net Used to hide troops so you don't get bombarded because of the six man rule.

5th - Mines Used to destroy many vehicles, or to destroy pesky infiltrators.

My Own Unit Creation's!

Allied Unit
No specialty icon
Starting equipment:
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp Morale Speed
80 10-20 0 20-30 10px/s
He was drafted into the War
A beefed up version of the Frenchie but can be call for sabotage missions, Has higher everything but not as much as a soldier.
Allied Unit
No specialty icon
Starting equipment:
BAR, Grenade, bayonet
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp Morale Speed
150 25-50 50 75-100 14px/s
An General to help around the field
Can do the same stuff as sarge but him lowers all the time for allied airstrikes, command decisions and can raise TP and lower flankers faster than the officer, but if killed all Allied airstikes Time will go up as so well as command decisions and will take longer for your officer to lower flankers and raise TP.
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