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Keyboard, Mouse.
A veteran commander from the Eastern Front with four tours in Vietnam. He is now finishing out his career as a correspondent for General Urb.
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G'day! I'm one of the Creative Writers for the M&B series,
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tasked with writing anything from in-game mission briefs, to radio reports and tooltips, to Wiki articles and forum guides. I've been waist-deep in mud and blood since September 2008, when I was introduced to the game during my time in BMQ in the Canadian Forces.

Personal Details

I served with the Canadian Forces for a few years, where I first discovered M&B and where the taste of a military career only furthered my interest in mindlessly sending people into battle with very little regard for their safety or well-being. But, of course, you can't do that stateside as a civvy, so here we are; brought together by a tireless love of the unfair random brutality that is modern military combat.

I go by either Spitz or Matt, depending on whether you prefer to use my real name or my screen name. Due to now being the proud owner of a lovely career in gunsmithing, I work from home, resulting in an unparalleled amount of time to waste. Most of that time goes into the aforementioned creative writing or is lost on the virtual battlefields we've all come to love and hate.

I also volunteer with the Red Cross as a PDA Team Coordinator, putting me in charge of emergency response for municipal and regional small-scale and large-scale disasters to provide logistics and first aid support in the wake of floods, fires, tornadoes and any other evacuations.

In between all that great stuff, I enjoy listening to music, watching old movies, playing video games, shooting guns at my local range, and writing (yes, I do it even without being asked!) - so I'm quite an interesting person even away from the MnB community.

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