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Std unit allied specops idle.gif Yes, that's me on the photo. I'm a Badass. I have a lotta of Std unit axis volkssturm idle.gif heads in my chateau. A Std unit allied sherman idle.gif in the garage. And, my bodyguars: Std unit allied officer idle.gif. Oh yeah. And my weapon. A X weapon allied bar.gif with aBayonet.png.

I'm MGKGT and DaRoyce of Kongregate. One day, lookin' for some fun of war. I saw "MnB2". I told myself: "Okay, let's try". It was the 2.2.2e patch. Now, I'm an addict of MnB:'Nam and MnB:2. 'Bout me:

  • I love when Volkssturm flee from an experiencied Frenchie.
  • My favourite unit is the Frenchie.
  • I hate German COs
  • I hate Leib.
  • I really love when the M262 bomb only reaches German lines. It's funny.
  • I wanna gib Santa.
  • 'Nades are enough to trenches.
  • I registered the 2/12/2011.
  • The first day, I made 12 edits. Yeah !
  • Sarge rules !
  • I only use Germans as Minesweepers. They're very useful for that.
This user is a nade lover! Xx gib meatbone.gif
This user is an M1 Garand supporter X weapon allied m1garand.gif

This user is a Shotgun User Std weapon allied shotgun.gif
This user is badass (hell, yeah!) Std unit allied sarge idle.gif

This user brings doom and death to Nazis Icon death.gif
This user is a Frenchie lover. Std unit allied frenchie flee.gif
This user is working with Urb to take down Phil _/(x¯*)\_ ̿ ̿ ̿̿'̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(ò_ó) [[.]]

This user Hates Hitler. Std unit axis officer aim.gif
This user is a special warfare expert Std unit allied specops idle.gif
This user hates trees Burned tree fallen.png
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My Medals

File:B.gif Bronze Star.jpg Silver Star.jpg Combatribbon.png Manoeuvre Ribbon.jpg Medal of Honor.jpg Assault Expert Award.jpg


What I feel for MnB:2... Hard to say. It's just. Y'know. Awesome. Special. First game that I saw that got Its own page. And Its own Wiki.


I can't say Frenchies are the best. But, when they're NCO. I think they're best than an unexperienced Engineer. Like a Spec Ops.


Paratroopers rock ! Some N00BS say that, when they call an Airborne drop. They say in all the forums that they've seen Pvt. Ryan !


The worst time I had with a German flamer was when he got to my Pillbox. And, the 5 soldiers I had inside. (I put all 'em because I was under Artillery Blitz). And, then. GAME OVER !


Snipers... Snipers... Snipers... Sadly. They are all over past wave 50. One day. I sent 6 Snipers. I did not sent more due to the 6-man-rule. And, I put 'em in some trees and rocks. Every. Every single soldier my Snipers saw. I can tell. That you can pray... Only thing to do... 'Cause. All of 'em where NCO's. Until. I reached 20 TPs. Then. I call on a M4. (Tank). And, German sent some dues and a Leib behind a rock. Then. Germans said. "I don't know where those damned Snipers are, now they broke the 6-man-rule. Send 'em some arty and a bomb". Later, some arty and a bomb landed on me. When they overrun me. I lose... With 4400 points !


"Yeah, baby, here I come" -Sarge Sarge, most known as "Badass". Killin' machine.


"Zombie!!!" -Unknown survivor on Shattered Colony:Survivors They're hard to kill. Some people say they're medics, some say they're volkss. The dudes that say that It's a medic. Is because, their red arm band. And the dudes that say that are volkss. For the same thin'. For their red arm band. I only killed one. And. 4 more came after him. And they. Overran my platoon.


"You can only have one Half-Track at a time, other Commanders want them too". -MnB:2 Tip. My favourite variant of a Half-Track. Is the quad machine gunner and the field HQ, radar and antenna. I hate when a zook hit 'em.


"Get that radio!!!" -Seargent Joe on a movie. They're funny because they're SLOOOW. And, you can really hate Germans when your only way to get outta a Blitz wave is Naval Artillery and they kill the sig.


Minesweepers. Nothing more to tell.


Yeah, Wespe is a game-ender. Now they have their own Blitz wave !


I love 'Nam but, I never pass the Vietnamesse counter-attack. And, whenever you need something from HQ. "Contacting HQ". When you contact 'em. "The radio-operator died". Lol.


The Anti-Aircraft Artillery is one of my assassins of aircraft. Right now, I own three.


"C'mon, dudes ! You wanna die of arty ?! Get in the damned Pillbox !"" -Lt. Royce to his troops. Funny when Engineers plant a TNT on the Pillbox

Panzerkampfwagen I

In MnB:2. The Panzer I is represented by the 20 mm FlaK cannon.

Tiger I Tank

"Tiger, take some cover!!!" -Sgt. Chuch on CoD: FH. Game ender. But, when some arty lands on him. It'll make someone happy.

Axis Airplane

"Stuka, Stuka, incoming!!!" -Sgt. Dehart on CoD: FH. When this passes through your position. It'll make someone laugh about any Frenchie that have died. And will get very sad about Sarge (If its on the battlefield).

Allied airplane

"Woah ! Those are our reinforcements ?! They are weak ! -Lt. Royce to himself. When one of this passes through the battlefield'll make someone happy.


"Sure, the black man is the first scout that dies". -My cousin in MW2 Scouts. Always sent to coordinates and that stuff. If someone discovers them. They're the first that dies.


I say this to all Germans that are in the battlefield, and to all Germans in WWI and WWII: Do not make wars, it is bad for your health and your population.

Land Mattress

"Is this a decent explosion area ?" Lt. Royce to his operators. Only good for Blitz waves.


"Holy yeah, this is awesome. A lotta German-parts on the ground !" -Lt. Royce to his airplanes. Awesome, just awesome, good. Specially when it hits a German CO.


"Weeeeeeee ! A crate, let's get it so we can spawn more dudes !" -German soldier. It is your friend and your enemy. When it lands. It'll make some unexperienced people happy. And, for experienced commanders. It's an enemy. A enemy which looks like a silly box.

German Infiltrator

Soldier: Sir, look ! An infiltrator (Infiltrator cloaks). Colonel: Errr. I don't see anything... When they flank you. It will make someone get really angry. They're cloaking until one gets in a barbed wire or someone sees him.


"Ahhh !!!" -Frenchie (Then sounds an MP-40). Unexperienced commanders think. That a 0 exp frenchie will destroy Berlin. Experienced commanders know that they will only destroy an ammo dump, a bridge, an airfield or an HQ.

Situation Report

"Roger ! Understood on the Sitrep. (No bonus TP). Only thing you can do. Its to pray the commander will "feel" like he's killin' because you're receiving poor support. While somebody's fighting the Maginot Line. You're fighting Germans.


"I wanna gib Santa" Lt-Royce to everybody around him. I think the pay of gibbing Santa is awesome. A free Ranger Training.

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