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Patriot's User Page!

My Badges
This user lives in the USA : Flagthe USA.gif
This user is a/an Auto-Confirmed Editor : Rank2.gif
My User-Box
Age: Old enough to fight
Hometown: West Point
Years of MnB: 3
Favorite Unit: Sarge
Best Wave: 119
Site I play MnB on: Not Kong

Xx deploy hastydefense.gif

Did you know?
F├╝hrer translates literally as Guide.

About Me

Textual Content of Page

MNB2 Ribbons
MnB ribbon 1 (see below) MnB Ribbon 2 MnB Ribbon 3 ... Ribbon Image
MnB Ribbon 50 (the final one)

(I deleted some things, the unit needs to be in game and feel free to change your country.)


Greetings. Hello. Salutations.

This is Patriot; hear my ROAR...(or screaming and yelling that Urb's brutality ended my awesomely going command).

Other games I like:

1. The latest version of MnB2

2.-16. Dogfight 2, Bomber at War, Crush the Castle 1, Storm Ops 1&2, Incoming, Endless War 3, Palisade Guardian 1, Skycover, Tank Blitz, Crush the Castle 1&2, Warfare 1918 & 1944, Battle Gear, Desert Rifle 1&2, Feudalism 2.

(A side note: Sorry Deathbringer23 I did not know I had this 'til I got to some point in Riderx's video.)

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