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{{Nade Lover}}
{{Nade Lover}}
{{M1 Garand}}
{{M1 Garand}}

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This user loves Phil ¯\(°_o)/¯
This user is a nade lover! Xx gib meatbone.gif
This user is an M1 Garand supporter X weapon allied m1garand.gif

This user is an M1 Carbine supporter X weapon allied m1carbine.gif

Hello, I am Mr cool. here is my page i hope you like it. By the way, I am no big editor. I am a minor editor but i made lots of minor edits.Oh, and cheers to all the major editors.(i just got my 300th edit!) hope you get a laugh out of my funny suggestions.And boy do i love putting on periods.



I am currently in Nazi Germany about to try to kill Hitler.


Well, my rank is colonel and I have 7 rows of medals! I have the rememberence day ribbon and the M-1 Garand ribbon. news i just started a new profile that is doing evan better then the first one yup.

Mud and Blood Ideas

  • m3 half has a 30 cal mg and carries in 4 random troops.
  • the lewis has a heavy 47 round clip and only can be given to spec ops.
  • light staurt tank..............a 37 millimeter gun and a 30cal.
  • super soldier..................he comes in 50+ rifle 50+ morale 200 health and a BAR.
  • a turkey ribbon................on thanksgiving a turkey will come out and you must gib it like X-mas ribbon.
  • a sniper ribbon...............have a sniper pick off 500 german snipers reward is snipers can now shoot through trees.

random things

I have been playing mud and blood for about two years and it has to be one of my favorite games ever thank you URB.

i actually got the mc'donlds ribbon it is so freakin awesome.

D-day is two days after my birthday.

My highest wave was 157.

My most kills are 967.

I GOT THE x-mas medal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

favorite units(1 through 6)

  1. Mouse Over Me!
  2. Mouse Over Me!
  3. Mouse Over Me!
  4. Mouse Over Me!
  5. Mouse Over Me!
  6. Mouse Over Me!

funny suggestions

fattie........ the slowest guy on the battle feild who leaves cheese burger wrappers. everywhere.

monkeys........ they throw poop at the germans and they make the volkssturm unit run.

spec ed........ he goes running around the feild with a ak-47 (for some reason) and just keep shooting until he runs out of his 30 round clip.

future soidier........he comes with an m-16 a blooper grenade launcher and he is a supper siggy and in 150 health and last a 17 pixel speed...cost 1 tp.

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