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Hi, I've been playing MnB2 for a pretty long time(in other words, I have no idea for how long), and after playing on and off whenever I get bored of the few other games I play, I've become relatively good at it, or at least have managed to elevate myself from the status of a noob. I have studied this wiki extensively over time to improve my own in-game skills, and once the possibility of being able to edit and improve the wiki occurred to me after countless months of ignoring the edit button and taking the suppliers and maintainers of this valuable information source for granted, I decided to create an account and start making edits wherever I come across errors or anything that can be improved upon, which I continue to do whenever I have spare time.

I try to read frequently, and I do enjoy writing, which can explain why the majority of the edits I make are to correct minor errors in spelling or grammar, or to rephrase a sentence simply to make it sound better(IMO).

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