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So I finally become a bit active on the MnB WIKI and hope to be of some help here as I am on the other urb sites. This is a temp introduction until I get some more ideas of what should stand here.

Till then > URB ON !

I would (bit late but better then never) like to thank those responsible for presenting my guide here on the MnB WIKI in a most professional way. As of 1.1.2012 this guide is only partly usable now that the "fire attractor" will not always be targeted first and if you use Bazookas then place them on the sides of the top Bunkers and move them out only if they are really needed. To keep it at 6 units on top I recommend to remove the top Medic and just keep 1 Gunner per Bunker. Use the Engineer as a Mine-Bomber. : ) --Lance 10:01, 16 January 2012 (UTC)

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