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Jacob's User Page!

My Badges
This user lives in Great Britain : FlagGreat Britain.gif
This user is a/an Journeyman Editor : Rank6.gif
My User-Box
Age: 18
Hometown: Great Britain
Years of MnB: 5
Favorite Unit: Engineer
Best Wave: 222
Site I play MnB on:, Kongregate

Xx deploy hastydefense.gif

Did you know?
Führer translates literally as Guide.


About Me

Welcome to my user page. I've got my own strategy page, feel free to read it here, though it could use a bit of work at some point... I would like to thank Hyyppa for making this possible. So far I have been helped by Hyyppa, Josh and Death23. My user page only just started on November 4th 2011 and my strategy guide was started on November 3rd 2011. If you want to chat to me do it here. Cheers for reading. I've also got messages from Branabus and Riderx.Today is the 16 October 2019 My sig.

What's your favourite unit?

What was your best game ever?

What was your worst game ever?

Like Riderx, I have a minicity and it's called Libyaville. See it [| here]

MNB2 Ribbons
Ribbon Image Ribbon Image Ribbon Image Ribbon Image

Where you can find me

On the Mud and Blood Forums, and the IRC channels. Channel is MnB2Elite and I'm Jacob7. Link here. Check out my Facebook page here and my website here


Jacob's Badges
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This user lives in Great Britain : FlagGreat Britain.gif
This user is multicultural. Std unit allied specops idle.gifStd unit allied regular idle.gif Std unit allied french idle.gif
This user is an M1 Garand supporter X weapon allied m1garand.gif

This user supports trees and is environmentally conscious. Std terrain regulartree.gif
This user is a BAR supporter X weapon allied bar.gif
This user is an M1 Carbine supporter X weapon allied m1carbine.gif
This user is a Shotgun User Std weapon allied shotgun.gif
This user is a Frenchie lover. Std unit allied frenchie flee.gif
This user is a nade lover! Xx gib meatbone.gif
Jacob is happy! Very happy.gif
This user is badass (hell, yeah!) Std unit allied sarge idle.gif

This user likes cheese Std unit allied french idle.gif
This user is a HEAVY METAL FAN!! [[{{{4}}}]]
This user Hates Hitler. Std unit axis officer aim.gif
This user refuses point-blank to gib Santa Realsanta.png
This user wants to end cruelty to Volkssturms Std unit axis volkssturm idle.gif
This user has Jacob's respect Logistics Ribbon.jpg
This user is a/an Official Editor : Rank7.gif

How many edits I've done

  • Number of edits: 760-odd.

Jacob's Haiku

You never get a super soldier when you need them

You always get them when you least need them.

Things I like

  • Std unit allied french idle.gif I think Frenchies are cute and they deserve a chance to fight and not be used as 'Meatshields'. My best Guerilla Warfare attempt (succesful) included about 6 of them all with grenades. Don't diss the Frenchies.
  • Std unit axis volkssturm idle.gif I like Volkssturms because they have the sense to run away and they're cute.
  • Std unit allied sarge idle.gif I really like Sarge 'cos he knows how to 'Rock-n-roll'. Never mess with him, Germans.
  • Std unit allied engineer idle.gif These guys are cool as they build things and are awesome at killing at a high rank.
  • Std unit allied sherman idle.gif You know why.
  • Std unit allied flamer idle.gif I like them because they set things on fire.
  • Realsanta.png I am strongly opposed to blowing up Santa because it would (sort of) ruin Christmas. He should go around giving presents to your soldiers, not letting them blow him up.

Things I don't like

  • Std unit axis pak38 idle.gif Std unit axis tiger idle.gif Std unit axis wespe idle.gif Std unit axis flakpanzer idle.gif I hate all these units because they are scary and very annoying.‎

My music preferences are:

I am a huge fan of Slipknot, Suicide Silence, Killswitch Engage, Nirvana, Sex Pistols, the Clash, the Ramones, Metallica, AC/DC, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Mudhoney, Motorhead, The White Stripes, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Pearl Jam, Black Sabbath, Guns 'n Roses, Nickelback and Foo Fighters. Plus a countless list of obscure as hell underground metal bands such as Marduk, Necrowretch, Merciless, Morgoth, Evocation, Krisiun and more. I can't be bothered to write the whole list...

Happiest moments

  • At about 10:00am on November 11th 2011, I got the Remembrance Day ribbon, Guerilla Warfare ribbon , Westpoint Commendation Ribbon AND the Legion d'Honneur SIMULTANEOUSLY in ONE game.
  • Getting a free engineer with 40-odd rifle skill due to medals.
  • Buying a bazooka with 104 rifle skill.
  • Seeing a Wespe being blown up by a grenade.
  • Buying a free scout with 53 rifle skill.

Luckiest moments

  • My medic missing an exploding V1 by inches.
  • When a bomb drop landed on my bunker but didn't destroy it.

Saddest moments

  • When my Michelin Frenchie was ingloriously gibbed by a German mortar, it made me very sad.
  • The second I got a veteran Frenchie to NCO he was gibbed by a Tiger Tank.
  • Seeing my men die without achieving anything.

Memorable things

  • The message that started this page is thus:

Hello, Jacob! Since you have made legitimate contributions, and have shown you are not a bot, you deserve a user page! On your user page, you can add anything about you, as long as it follows the rules, including special units, badges, medals achieved tables, images, information about you, and much, much, more. If you find yourself in need of user sub-pages, feel free to PM a wiki NCO or Officer, a list of which can be found at the staff page.

  • Me finally promoting a Michelin Frenchie to NCO.

My arsenal

Allied Unit
Std unit allied regular idle.gif
No specialty icon
X class specops.gif
Starting equipment:
M1 Garand, frag grenades, rifle grenades, knife, bayonets, Colt 1911, petrol bombs,
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp Morale Speed
100 50+ 5 Infinite 16px/s
Aggressor (hits first)Eliminator, Spotter, Fearless, CQC-Maniac,
Its Jacob (me!) I travelled back in time to help my soldiers and with a few bones to pick with Hitler. My rifle is effective at any range and I can reload very quickly. Completely fearless and my petrol bombs can set things on fire.Extremely dangerous in CQC and I use a knife initially then my pistol if I get hurt by my foe. I am almost as good as Sarge without his morale giving abilities.
Allied Unit
Pumped up Frenchie
Std unit allied french idle.gif
No specialty icon
French skull32.png
Starting equipment:
M1 Garand
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp Morale Speed
100 10-30 0 10-30 10px/s
Frenchie has been to the gym and has an extra 50% damage in CQC. He has read some weapon manuals and has read propaganda which have increased his average stats.
Allied Unit
Volkssturm defector
Std unit axis volkssturm idle.gif
No specialty icon
Std misc ironcross.png
Starting equipment:
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp Morale Speed
100 1-20 0 1-20 10px/s
The poor Volkssturm has decided that running away isn't good enough so he decides to join the allies and take some revenge on Hitler.
Allied Unit
Crocodile Tank
Std unit allied sherman idle.gif
No specialty icon
X class sherman.gif
Starting equipment:
Massive flamethrower instead of main cannon and the machine gun now fires anti tank shells
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp Morale Speed
1000 10-20 1 Undefined 10px/s
Flamer, AT, Armoured
The Crocodile tank with massive flamethrower and anti-tank shells from the little gun. Can still be given the .50cal upgrade
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