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Hello, buddies! I'm HeinkelWolf, and welcome to my userpage!

MnB2 Ribbons
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129 × 35px
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About me?

In other sites, I'm CacellWolf or Dr.. whatever. I'm plain novice in memorizing something long. I'm basically a traveler on the net roaming around sites whether they are laden with only hearsay, or legit info. I mean, virtually anywhere.

Well, if you ask about my age, I'm just a teenager so adults hate me. It is quite clear that they will shred my head into pieces and my inspirations about freedom will fade away. But, I will not die in such ways. I'll live forever with rage against ideas from past 20th century whether they are from Erasmus or Aquinas.

About my musical taste? Well, I like some bands from 1980s, like Queen, Guns N' Roses, AC/DC, et cetera. In case of 20th century's musicians, I like Jason Mraz, My Chemical Romance. Jason knows what music is, and Gerard is just plain sexy. (Even though I'm not a queer. Haha)

You may know I'm from Korea, and wonder why there's no Korean musician? In fact, I think K-pop sucs. I don't like electronicas and hook songs, and K-pops are just all about, stick with them. Korean music is much better back to 20th century.. Just like in other countries.

Saying about another game I play, Elsword, well it's cool although it looks a bit childish. If you are lucky, you can find some videos on YouTube! Yet, don't take hard time to find. All the time, I hold just a supporting role..

As I referred, I'm from Korea, so I'm not a native speaker of English. I usually have to deal with my grammar faults when I edit..

MnB2 Rocks!

Well, as a flash game, this one is quite good in completeness, difficulty, and fun. It is really unfair, extremely brutal, and totally randomized. (Even though it seems that this game is based on a recursive function, btw.)

Saying about tips, AYBABTU! It's fricken funny. That's all.

My experience as a commander? Well, I've been playing this for like 3 years even though my profiles were reset several times, so you guys, please call me MnB 1337! (Just kidding, don't be serious) My top wave in 2.3 version is 375, and its score is 79000 something. In that game, I slaughtered over 3,500 Krauts. In previous version.. well. I cannot remember.

Things I like

Truly epic M1s, Gunner, extreme-disciplined Officer, Sniper, .50 caliber stationary machine guns, Scout, and that cute Volkssturms! Also I like Wespe because of their FFs.

Things I hate

Sturmgewehr 44, nasty Sd. Kfz. 222, Pak 38, Brandies, Flak 88. These guys always ruin my good games. :(


Nothing, currently.

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