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~T~About Me~T~

in case you read this below you may think I am like 35 to 50 yr's old but still only 11 yr's old

I joined this Wikipedia on the 22 February 2011

Evil.gif I have been playing mud and blood since MnB: Vietnam.

Reading the above statement you know how long I've been playing... I was playing 'Nam for 1 year before I even KNEW about MnB2 And I got around 50-60 kills every game on 'Nam which I'm not sure if that is good or not...


Worst occurrence at wave 1

Flak 38 While I was advancing and It destroyed my men and Officer

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all mud and bloods

warfare 1917 and 1944

And a lot of games of WWI and WWII

Top 3 most feared Axis unit's



Probably the most fear'd enemy in existence, as of MnB2 History After the Tiger when Zookas didn't fire much.


Tiger Tank

A feared enemy Will pin your soldiers with the MG and destroy emplacements/Vehicles/Construction's, with the main cannon.


Kubelwagen Only feared when they come in numbers 0f 3-7 OR you have low morale soldier's OR no AT soldier's/Cannons.

Favourite Allied Unit's


sarge One of the best units in the game


sig Those who use Air support will use these a-lot


Allied Airplane

Favourite of those who use Air-Support.

Current Rank



100+ wave strat


For AP (Anti-Personnel), buy 2 Gunners and Engineer and place a bunker 1/3 from bottom of the screen. Place the gunners inside, ranger train the engineer and 1 Gunner much as you can place mortar pit.


For the AT (Anti-Tank), buy 1 signaler and 5 zooks.Put the sig in the bunker and the zooks in a mortar pit with a cam-net over them.


Buy an AAA gun, place it at the bottom LEFT corner. Cam-net it


For the AC (Anti Camo) units, buy three snipers. Move two of them to either bottom corner and place one in the middle. Combat leadership the middle sniper to 50 exp and he'll get his own kills From there on in. After wave 100 buy a medic. Place it in the bunker and place a camnet on the bunker.


Call CAS on any Infantry Blitz's And Arty On any Blitz that has any Form of vehicle in.

Feel Free To Change Strat For Spelling

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This user is a/an Apprentice Editor : Rank5.gif
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