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I'm Death23! The Wiki NCO and winner of Strat of the Month, and the Forum writing competition! Below are pages that I have made, or contribute to a lot, and my wiki medals and respect badges.

This user lives in Great Britain : FlagGreat Britain.gif

I'm one of 0 active users in the wiki.

See \/

  1. My Sig
  2. My arsenal of units
  3. The Maginot Line

Deathbringer23's Badges
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Approval badges
This user is highly respected by Branabus. Victoria Cross.jpg

This user has gained thebombs respect D-Day ribbon.png

This user has tommy's respect I Like Pie Ribbon.png

This user has won the Rush Limbaugh ribbon for extreme valor(from super conservative) Rank16.gif

This user is respected by choox Air Defence Ribbon.png

This user is even respected by Death Icon death.gif

This user has Jacob's respect Logistics Ribbon.jpg

My Wiki Medals
This user has been awarded the Wiki of Honour for having 200 edits under account. Medal of Honor.jpg

This user is a Wiki NCO. WikiMod.png

This user has gained the Wiki silver star for complete devotion to the wiki Silver Star.jpg

This user has been awarded the Distinguished Wiki Order for Distinguished service in both the Wiki and Forums and having at least 2 repsect badges on their user page Legion of Merit.gif

This user has gained the Wiki Devotion Medal, for Devotion to the Wiki. This user has over 300 Edits and has put in many tens of hours work on this wiki. MnB Cross.jpg

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