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Hello Im David, Im a 1 star general and have great respect for the wiki.I live in BC Canada and love mnb. If you have any questions or comments just ask, I will be happy to answer. my favorate allied wepon is the M1 carbine "I love it"

Do you want to join my victoria cross strategy making team?

if you join,you will be comiting to the strategys being made please join because I don't know how to put up a strategy in the wiki and i will need tests to be done and images to be uploaded.Please join.

           Sign in the my discussion page above to join. The rewards are a special badge:) a lot of respect:) become well heard:)
                                                         possibley a higher chance of becoming promoted:) and more sponcers:)
                                                         and possibley more votes going your way:)  

                                                         Once you sign it's pernement meaning you can't quit afterwards realesement in spring
                                                         other subjects below please
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