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Hi, I'm a MnB Lt.Colonel who just got extremely bored and decided to check the site out.

I mostly make strategies on the forums and wiki,

I currently have 4 active strategies, that can be viewed here.

Having over 15 medals under my belt and years of MNB experience, please ask.

Any questions you have about MNB, the wiki or my accomplishments.

I joined the wiki on December 28th, 2010.

I love The Walking Dead!

I have made over 1,750 edits to the wiki.

my MnB rank:Rank12.gif

Go kick some German @$$.

Ico semiprotected.gif

see these pages:

my units

my archive

my templated sig


Frequent questions

Will you ever be a NCO

Are you active in the urb community

Are you recognized in the community

Plans for the future

My wiki Medals

My Badge Gallery

Chooxh1259's Badges
Made using the Badge Gallery

This user lives in Canada : FlagCanada.gif
This user Has won the Rush Limbaugh ribbon for extreme valor(from super conservative) Rank16.gif
This user has gained thebombs respct D-Day ribbon.png
This user has tommy's respect I Like Pie Ribbon.png
This user is a/an Master Editor : Rank10.gif
This user is badass (hell, yeah!) Std unit allied sarge idle.gif

This user Hates Hitler. Std unit axis officer aim.gif
This user has been awarded the Wiki of Honour for having 200 edits under account. Medal of Honor.jpg
This user has gained the Wiki silver star for complete devotion to the wiki Silver Star.jpg
This user This user has gained the Wiki Gold star for utmost and admirable devotion to the wiki Gold Star.jpg
This user is part of the anti-vandalism team (glfafbhf234234ggnsfdj,jghbrbgvrejh)

Icon staff.gif

This user has gained the Wiki Cross, for complete devotion to the wiki, huge amounts of research and complete involvment in Wiki community matters, All hail Template:Chooxh1259 Victoria Cross.jpg

This user has gained the Wiki Bronze Star for devotion to the wiki Bronze Star.jpg

My stats

Highest wave survived: wave 237

Shot fired: 8095,

Soldiers gibbed: 399,

Arty shells fired: 186,

Bombs dropped: 36,

games played: 327

Unfair events surrvived: 18,

Zombies killed: 53,

Santas gibbed: 2,

Soldiers deployed: 2134,

German scum killed: 56689,

My medals

Medal of Honor.jpg
MnB Cross.jpg
D-Day ribbon.png
Distinguished Service ribbon.png
Bronze Star.jpg
Silver Star.jpg
Gold Star.jpg
Defence Expert Award.jpg
Close Combat Ribbon.png

BBQ ribbon, BBQ Ribbon.png

assualt expert award, Link:Assualt Expert Award

Victoria Cross, link:Victoria Cross

More coming soon!!

Special thanks to riderx for editing and coloring this page

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