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About Me:

I joined the old in 2009. Basically all I did was hang out in the infamous Sleeping Bear thread and play MnB2. Did this for a couple years, but not long after opened I lost interest in MnB2 (not the community by any means) so I decided I would work on some personal projects for a while. Tried to post regularly in the shoutbox at to keep in touch, but primarily I was inactive. Upon the selective release of the MnB:Recon Alpha I chose to get back in the swing of the things. Right now I am doing art/music/sound design for the game and hopefully will have a role in the wiki's development as well.

To prevent name confusion:
My username was Captain and that is the name I had when I joined the wiki. However, my handle is Reid, and I also go around places with "Cap" as my name. Its a clusterfork, I know. ;)

Also, excuse horrible formatting of this page as I have not been here in a while and do not remember how to thing with that thing pronoun.


I'm slowly getting my bearings on pixel art so I apologize for frequent design changes on current artwork in the game that you hold so dear. List of stuff I've contributed thus far:

- PRC-77 Radio (4th times the charm)

- Rank Insignias

- Covert/Overt Icon

- Mute Button

- Pause Button

- In-Game Menu


Not going to bother posting individual links to each track as I make/upload them, so here is my SoundCloud[1]

Sound Design:

Right now this means I am helping Dorkly[2] with audio production of his voice-overs. In the near future I will take advantage of my own home studio and do some voice work for perhaps things like American voices and radio chatter.

To-Do List:

Man I ain't gotta do nothin this just fo' show.

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