Urb's Anatomy Ribbon

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Urb's Anatomy Ribbon
Urb's Anatomy Ribbon.gif
Blow 100 enemies to pieces (gib).
Troops now have 10% chance to start with grenades.
Real Life Medal?

Urb has made it known that if you show true Unfair Random Brutality on the field, he will reward you! If you blast 100 Nazis to bits, there's a 10% chance Urb will stock your troops with grenades! After all, explosions are very fun to watch! This ribbon is named after the great creator, Urb.

To achieve this ribbon with relative ease - even within a single game in some cases - the Force Recon Advancing strategy works extremely well as it focuses heavily on explosive anti-infantry combat.

Note: Some people have reported that this Ribbon does not work for them. Urb has fixed this in a later patch, but if you achived this Ribbon before the patch, it may not work for you.

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