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Jet bomber or BrandenburgerAnother oneAnd other oneYet another oneNext oneAnd next oneAnd yet another one comingStill more comingAnd even moreStill more Jerries comingAnd his friendAnd friends friendAnd his friends friends friendAnd the last Brandy is here or FLAK-88 bombardment or Precision Arty strike
NameUnfair Events.
Applied when:You get flanked or at any point past wave 80.
EffectsBad things that happen when you get flanked.
DescriptionUnfair events capitalize on an aspect of the game that was not entirely exploited before.....flankers.

When a soldier passes your lines he will not just unfold a beach chair and sip a fruity drink, waiting for the end of the war.

These buggers are now active. At the rate of 1% per flankers (+1% if you are post wave 100) they can now trigger the following unfair events. None of these can be countered, neither calling Air Superiority against the ME 262 nor Counter Arty Strike against incoming German artillery will help.

Get 1,000 of these, and you will be awarded the Ribbon Of Unfairness

Important: post wave 80, the chances of unfair events increases by 1% every 25 waves, so on wave 80, you have a 1% chance per wave of an unfair event occurring, by 105 there is a 2% chance. This also means that regardless of the number of flankers that passed your battlefield, you can get an unfair event post wave 80. Before wave 80, the chance of an unfair events is calculated as 0.5% per flanker.

Low flying aircraft

Flankers radio your grid to a dreadful ME262 that flies so fast it passes potential air defenses and bombs the battlefield.

Good news, though- the ME 262 is not a precision bomber and its bombs will land anywhere on the battlefield.

Brandenburg marauders

Flankers radio the blind spots of your position to Brandenburgs so they can mount an assault from the rear. Two Brandies will spawn per flanker.

Off map 88 cannon

The dreadful FlaK 88 (Flugabwehr-Kanone) was widely used by the German troops in WW2 but rarely brought straight in the heat of the battle.

It was mostly placed away and fired precision shells on enemy defenses or armor.

Precision artillery strikes

Having the tactical advantage established on your position, Germans will try to call a one round of surgical arty on your key positions such as packed cam nets or right on top of a bunker.


Flankers have set position behind you lines and are ambushing your reinforcements before they come they can deploy on your line.

If triggered, the ambush will damage your freshly called reinforcement by up to 12% of its base health per flankers.
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