Unconventional Warfare

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A Frenchie start, a very unconventional tactic
NameUnconventional Warfare.
EffectMakes a unit fight in a different style.
Example(s)Frenchie, SpecOps
DescriptionSoldiers who are trained in unconventional warfare will often follow a pattern that is hard for the enemy to predict. The aim of this training is usually to prevent a more conventional force to gain the initiative. In Mud and Blood a unit trained in unconventional warfare will not follow the rule of 'targeting the nearest enemy' (or prioritizing) when fighting. Instead, the soldier will make his own call on what needs to be fired on based on his experience and role. Having more than one unconventional unit on the field can be a real tactical nightmare for any commanders. Due to their odd training, unconventional soldiers usually are better at CQC then their normal counterparts.
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