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This is the policy governing every aspect of the Mud and Blood official Wiki. Please note that rules may change instantly and unexpectedly without notice to the user, so check here every once in a while. Also, these rules only govern specific actions in the wiki. Please use common sense and professionalism when unsure if an action is against the rules or not. Ignorance of the rules is no defense, and neither is assuming each rule only applies to the literal scenario described.

Account Creation


Although a username can be a real name or a pseudonym/handle, these must be appropriate. For a list of inappropriate names, see below.


This is the creation of multiple accounts under one IP address, to prevent banning of accounts. Note that bans will ban the entire IP address and sock-puppetry is an immediately bannable offense. If you have a valid reason for needing multiple accounts, then contact a moderator and make sure to get approval first.

Use of Accounts

It is assumed by the trusted editors of the Mud and Blood official Wiki that one account corresponds to one (1) person or coherent group. Hacking accounts is an offense and using a family members' account must be with their knowledge of use. In the case that hacking is suspected, an officer will trace the IP of edits to check and see if hacking truly is a concern. If it is deemed to be a hacker, then it is advised that you change your password on the wiki and on every site that uses the same password as this wiki. Sadly, we cannot distinguish between you and a family member using the same computer, so those cases will require further review.

Inappropriate User-Names

The following types of usernames can receive an immediate ban:

  • Inappropriate Language used within them, including all Inappropriate Language listed and "potty language".
  • Any random jumbles of letters, with no apparent meaning
  • Numbers inserted within the name
  • Overly long usernames
  • Usernames with "NCO" or "Officer" or "Admin" or "Sysop" in them, hinting a ranks that one does not have
  • Usernames too similar to a community member's name


Editing Main Articles

Editing un-protected main articles is a privilege all registered users enjoy. Editing pages can be done to increase the page's information, to update outdated information, or to correct proven incorrect facts, as well as some other, more specific, reasons. But remember, this privilege can be taken away if it is abused.

Editing Talk Pages

Talk pages are used when trying to modify a protected page, discussing proposed changes, or when sending a user a private*-message. These pages should be signed via four tildes (~~~~). Do not attack or flame people by means of their talk page, since these messages can be viewed any time by anyone, and are still subject to all standard wiki rules of conduct.

New Section

When editing a talk page for a new topic, please create a new section (marked by a tab saying "+"). This allows users to sort out what information is in each topic. In the edit summary, an italicized note will be made as to which section has been edited for extra clarity when reviewing changes.


If you believe you have been insulted/harassed/flamed by another user, please alert a moderator and do not retaliate! If an NCO or officer has insulted/flamed/harassed you, please bring it to the attention of another moderator, preferably a superior. Retaliating back by cussing them out or spamming them is inappropriate and both parties will receive disciplinary action.


This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Intentional insertion of inappropriate language
  • Intentional HTML code breaking
  • Inserting nonsense or spam into pages
  • Blanking pages or portions of pages
  • Inserting malicious links into pages
  • Covering up edits made by a user who vandalized in any of the above ways to prevent reparation

Vandalism will be met with disciplinary action ranging from a warning to a permanent ban depending on the intent, damage, and previous contributions of the user.


When multiple users keep changing one piece of information on a page, it is an edit war. These may sometimes better the neutrality of the page, but useless ones usually result in page protection. However, repeated edit warring back and forth will be met with disciplinary action.

Reverting NCO/Officer Edits

The team of NCO's and Officers running the wiki always strives for optimal truth on all pages. Reverting their edits requires a valid reason or the edit will be reverted back. If you continue this, you will be warned.

3-Revert Rule

Reverting an edit should only be done when necessary, as edits take time and energy to create. The 3-Revert Rule is an all-encompassing rule which dictates that no user may revert or otherwise remove another user's productive edit on the same page 3 times within ~24 hours. This is based off of wikipedia's rule and follows the same guidelines. An exception will be made if a user is removing bad information or vandalism. Breaking this rule is a warning.

Neutral Point of View

A neutral point of view (NPOV) is necessary to the running of a true, unbiased wiki. This includes presenting both arguments on an issue and not inserting personal opinions into pages.

Edit Summaries

Summaries can be typed after any edit, in the white box below the main edit box. Summaries show to users what your edit was and help the moderators sift out vandalism cases. Although summary usage is not a strict rule, you may be asked to provide summaries of your edits.

Plagiarism/ Copyright Violation

A user may not submit any copyrighted or otherwise "stolen" material to the Mud and Blood official Wiki without proper citation. Screenshots and Mud and Blood 2 general knowledge is allowed under the general purpose of the wiki.

Editing User Pages

Generally, user pages are not to be edited by another user without permission. User pages can be personal information, based on how much one would like to reveal, or impersonal statistics and other information.


Most, if not all, of the badges on the Badge list can be added to a user page at any given time. Certain badges, "respect badges", should not be added to a user page by the user owning the page. Respect badges are added by the user whose respect is being granted.

User Sub-Pages

If a page pertains to a user specifically, it can be made using the user subpage format, which essentially looks like this:

User:Example/Page Name

The sub-page links automatically back to the user page.

Private Sub-Pages and Stylesheets

Experienced wiki users can create personal subpages following the below format:

User:Example/Page Name.css OR User:Example/Page Name.js

Such pages are used for personalizing the wiki skins, but have the added perk of being protected from editing by everyone except admins. These can work for signatures, providing you make a templated signature.

Moderator Editing

A wiki moderator reserves the right to create your user page and edit it as well, providing it breaks any of the rules listed here. They can do this without notice to the user, as many times they edit pages for inappropriate language anyway.


Misspelled Links

Certain links are hard to spell correctly the first time, but please make sure to check all links before saving your edit so an editor doesn't have to come in and make a time-consuming minor edit.

Using the "Show preview" button

As a feature to aid in proof-reading, MediaWiki has a preview button installed. It will show an image of changes made in the edit without saving. Use this to make sure of all formatting and links.

Minor proof-reading edits

When editing a grammatical error, it is preferred a user checks the entire page for errors, so that edit-spamming does not occur. This includes spelling checks also.

Page Creation

What is it?

Many times, a page that is necessary to the Mud and Blood official Wiki has not been created. An editor can create that page in a multitude of ways, most often through clicking on its red link. This will add the page to the wiki and pop up an "N" next to the edit.

When does a page warrant creation?

When it adds an element to the wiki that is in no other page. It must be relevant, and pertain to either Mud and Blood or the wiki. Most content pages have been created as of version 2.3.1g, so the only necessary pages will either be personal sub-pages or strategy pages. Otherwise, please stick to editing!

Spam Pages

Sadly, there are spam pages created on the wiki. These pages are filled with unimportant random letters, external links, or malicious sites. Do not click on a spam page, you can request its deletion in the Maintenance Portal, but let a moderator or trusted user handle its blanking and approval for deletion. Do NOT click on any of the links.

How do I get to create a page?

You can make it yourself! That, or run it by a moderator just to make sure the page is a good idea. Wink.gif

Currently, this right is not allowed to users due to heightened security and excessive spamming.

Page Protection

When is it necessary?

Name Description Length of Protection Level of Protection (*)
Excessive vandalism/Spamming A page has been vandalized or spammed one or more times Until problem is resolved Full
Edit warring Multiple Unproductive edits reverting any progress on the page 1 week Full
Partial Completion Pages which have been deemed complete enough for protection, although not as important as the usual high-traffic pages Indefinite Semi
Completion Complete pages, important pages, pages that took a lot of energy and time to make (such as the main page). Indefinite Full or Semi, depending on case
Administrative Pages Pages that contain content such as rules, which can only be decided on by sysops, like this page. Indefinite Full

Full vs. Semi

Full protection only allows sysops (NCO's/Officers/Admins) to edit a page. Semi Protection blocks new users who are under an edit threshold from editing a page.

Image Uploading

What is it?

Unlike pages where you can use an image reference link to show a picture, the Mud and Blood official Wiki has it's own uploader. Pictures can be upladed directly to the wiki and used.

Who can do it?

Only users with heightened rights can, limited currently to NCO's, Officers, and Admins. This is done to limit image duplicates and heighten security.

What are the Limits?

ALL images must be used in the wiki, this is not a personal image repository. Also, images must be less than 200 kilobytes, for the purpose of saving space. Images must not be inappropriate or malicious.


What is it?

Banning is the forum name, blocking is the wiki's name for it. Blocking users is a last-resort measure to prevent them from editing the Mud and Blood official Wiki. Blocking users usually blocks the IP address, so that a blocked user does not come back. It can also prevent a user from e-mailing another and makes the wiki essentially read-only.

When is it asserted?

When felt generally proper for a user. Stricter guidelines include the following:

Offense Description Ban Length
Vandalism (no productive edits) A user has done no edits but counter-productive ones indefinite
Vandalism (top priority, with productive edits) A user has vandalized a top-priority page, but has several productive edits 1-3 weeks
Vandalism (crude, with productive edits) A user has vandalized pages, but has several productive edits 3 days - 2 weeks
Warning Number Exceeded A user has received and ignored 3 warnings 1 week - 3 months
Flaming/Harrassment A user has harassed, insulted, or flamed another user 1 week - 2 months
Rights Abuse A user has abused their rights multiple times. 1-4 weeks
Advertising (1st time) A user has advertised a product or site not relating to Mud and Blood 3 weeks
Advertising (Consequent times) Same as Advertising (First Time) Indefinite
Spamming Pages A user fills a page up with meaningless spam or external links Indefinite
Plagiarism A user copies copyrighted work without proper citation Indefinite


A warning is the term given to a moderator making a note of behavior breaking the rules but not one of the above offenses (as in a minor infringement). Gather 3 and you will be banned

Page Deletion Policy

A page which serves no value to the wiki will be deleted by an officer or admin, removing it from the wiki.

What are the criteria?

Name Description Level of Deletion
Plagiarism A copyright violation Immediate + Ban of user
Spam Page A "spam" page, created by vandals or spambots Immediate Deletion
Irrelevance/Obsoleteness A page that is irrelevant or obsolete Message without discussion
Duplication A page that is a duplicate or very similar to another Message without discussion
Misspelling A page with a wrongly spelled title Message without discussion
Un-Importance Currently serving a small purpose that would be un-affected by deletion Discussion
Alternative Page Another way has been found to express the content of the page Discussion

Files: Files that are unused or inappropriate will be promptly deleted.

What can I do if my page is put up for deletion?

Go to the talk page of the respective article. There, present an argument why it should be kept. If reasonable motives are shown, the page will be kept.

User Page Deletion

It is the view of the wiki staff that all human users deserve their own article to edit. Consequentially, it is rare that a user page will be deleted, and only for the following reasons:

  • The user was permanently banned
  • The user was using the page to spread propaganda towards political causes
  • The user used an excess of cursing on the page
  • The user was flaming/flamebaiting a user or user group on the page

Inappropriate Language

For those who prefer concrete definitions, this is what consists inappropriate language:

  • Any curses, without asterisks
  • A** is okay
  • A-- is okay
  • Arse is okay
  • @$$ is okay
  • $#% is okay
  • The word itself is not okay
  • Large strings of random letters, such as "qwerysadjgkkbhnjfdjai;aweptv,jkashfehawagwk,jghrjk", this is spam
  • Any sexual references are inappropriate
  • Any insulting, harassing or derogatory language is prohibited
  • Directly insulting another member may not get you banned, but you will lose merit, don't expect to earn much respect. Unless you badly insult an officer, then you'll probably be banned for a few days.


Lock-down is the state in the wiki in which several pages are granted temporary full-protection. This arises when we have a vandalism streak or many vandals at once. Lockdown can range from the following levels:

  • None-No lockdown
  • Minimal Isolated- Protection of 1-3 pages which were targeted by vandals
  • Minimal General- Protection of all semi-important pages like maintenance portal, community portal, categories; used when 1 or several vandals are on a streak
  • Mild Isolated- Protection of 3+ specific targeted pages
  • Mild General- When several vandals go on a streak, big and important pages are all protected
  • Moderate-Several Vandals; all below and important user talk pages are protected
  • Severe- Several Repeat Vandals Without ban; accepting protection on-request of pages
  • Extreme- Many repeat vandals/hackers- ALL content pages protected/user rights temporarily changed

Lockdown Warnings can be found on the main page.


*"Private" messages are not really private, they can be viewed by any user or even anybody viewing the Mud and Blood official Wiki.
*Semi-Protection is currently not functional, as limits have not yet been set

Officer and NCO powers

See user group rights. or Staff Roles

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