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This article relates to a strategy for an old game version. Due to the fact that the game mechanics have changed, the strategy may not work on the current version.

This is the Maginot line, highly acclaimed winner of SotM.


The buildings

This strat will use several different buildings to maximise the chances of killing as many Germans as possible.

The bunker

Cost:5 tp

Versatile and strong, this strat utilises 3 of these, in a row across the midway point of the screen. As they only give a boost to your Gunners then they will be some of the only troops inside, apart from those that don't shoot, or don't need to.

The Pillbox

Cost:5 tp

Invincible, but your troops can't shoot out of them, which is kinda unhelpful. This strat uses 1, which is the maximum. Only non-combatant units that give no bonus to combat troops will be placed in here.

The Camnet

Cost:5 tp

Not really a building but a construction. Helpful for hiding troops under to stop you getting your sorry ass kicked by enemy support This Strat uses 3 of these for hiding all and sundry under as they have no restrictions except from mortars.



Adds extra bullet and explosion protection. Useful to hide any units that need protection behind. This strat uses a heck of a lot of these.

The units

There are many units that will be needed, most will die or run away to be shot for cowardice, but they will take a lot of Germans and Vehicles with them


Cost: 4 tps

The main AP part of your defense. You will need 3 of them, one for each bunker. These guys will destroy any infantry wave that comes at you and, once heroismed can take sniper shots with out dying.


Cost:3 tp

The leader of the defense, gives you access to a lot of command options and special actions that cannot be commanded. Only one of these is needed unless the previous Officer is killed. At high ranks he can be lethal at close range with his pistol and is often good at CQC


Cost:4 tp

He is the key to building all structures, he should be bought early on in the game. Again, only one is needed unless there is a fatality. A good killer with his Grease Gun and decent at getting exp. independantly

Bazooka Cost: 4 Tp The AT unit of choice! He will blast all them gol' darn Wespes and Tigers to oblivion! You will need 6-8 of them for safety precautions. He can get lots of exp. from the Armoured units your gunners can't kill.


Cost:3 tp

Required for all support. The slowest unit. A decent killer if given a BAR Only one is needed, and he will be in the pillbox.

.50 cal turret

Cost: 6tp

Mainly used for dealing with Bottomburgs and any bikes that rush past the bunker line. A heavy unit which can rank up if given time. Very helpful for dealing with Unfair Events and providing extra AP support. You'll need 3, maybe 4


Cost:3 tp

He heals your men.

You need 1 or 2 of these for quick healing.

Optional Units


Cost:12 tp

It's Sarge! Come to un***k your squad. A great AP unit. Gives amazing bonuses to troops The downside is that when he dies, the morale of your troops will drop faster than an anvil on a Nuetron star


Cost: 12tps un-upgraded, upgrades are 10,12 or 15 tps

The first Modular Unit in MnB2 Basically a gunner, in a vehicle that can become a mortar, HQ, Quad MG or Hospital. It can move and fire. The downside is you can only get 1


Cost:5 tp

A killer, possibly the only British unit in the game. If kept down at the bottom he can be a very good Bottomburg counter. It is very helpful if you remove grenades after calling in.

The Guide

The start differs according to which deploy you use, CP or Proper Planning with 12+tp is helpful, but failing that Regular deploy will work as well but with a slightly longer set-up time. Westpoint Commendation is very helpful but it can be missing if you don't have it then call in an officer before the engineer.

Close protection/Proper planning+Westpoint Commendation start

When you start, call in 3 gunners and send them up to the midway point, then call in an engineer and send him up along with the Officer to the midway line.

Like so


Regular Deploy+Westpoint Commendation start

Save up 12 tp this should take until wave 7 and call in 3 gunners, move them and your officer up the midway point of the screen and tactically retreat all of your regs.

The Bunker Line

Once you have enough Tactical points then call in an engineer and send him up the the midway line. Use him to build 3 bunkers with their hitboxes below the midway point.

Like that, I had an extremely lucky start, 1 gunner came free and by wave ten I had 4 3TP crates. ML2.png Put one gunner in each bunker, and sandbag them in. The officer can go in any bunker for the moment.



3 gunners= 12 tp

1 engineer= 4 tp

3 bunkers= 15 tp

3 sandbags= 3 tp

Any starting tp= -12 tp

Total= 21 tp


3 gunners = 12tp

1 engineer= 4tp

3 bunkers = 15 tp

3 sandbags= 3 tp

Maybe Tact.retreating reg. = -3

Total = 31 tp or 34 tp

(34 tp or 37 tp without WC)

The AT, AB (Anti-Bottomburgers) and AC Part I

Send your Engineer down to the bottom left corner Build a Camnet and call in two 'zooks for it. (at this point is is helpful to get 2-3 medics and send them up to the bunker line to heal any injured gunners ) Sandbag the 'zooks

Here's one I made earlier... ML3.png Repeat the process in the bottom right corner.

Preferably without incurring a rather nasty Total Blitzkreig wave that ends your game... File:ML4.png I will get screenies for the entire thing eventually.


2 camnets= 10 tp

4 'zooks= 16 tp

4 sandbags= 4 tp

3 medics= 9

Total= 39 tp

The Control Centre

Using your Engineer, build and camnet a pillbox in between your two AT/AB camnets. If you have 3 medics in your bunkers (I reccomend 1 in each ) then send the officer down and hide him in the pillbox. Call in a siggy and hide him in there as well, once your defense is completed then you should use spare tp to train him up, give him an antenna in case of emergencies.

Et Voila p[image:ML5.png]] ]Costing 1 pillbox= 5 tp 1 camnet= 5 tp 1 siggy= 3 tp 1 antenna= 1 tp

Total= 14 tp

AT, AB and AC part II

Now, Call in 4 snipers , place them behind the 'zooks in the camnet, sandbag them. Then build 1 or two .50 cals in each camnet. If you want you can call in a few spec-ops to help with AB but make sure you remove their grenades.


4 snipers= 24 tp

4 sandbags= 4 tp

2-4 .50 cals=12-24 tp

Total= 40-52 tp

And there you are! Defence completed

What to do when the not guite so jargonized sh!t hits the fan

A bunker is gone!

If only one, or two are gone then rush any survivors to the remaining bunker/s Make up the 6 people with medics or frenchies.

All my bunkers are gone!

A very serious situation, Try and last using snipers and you AT units, once thy are gone then see the last stand section.

A camnet is gone!

Rebuild it ASAP, move any units that are left into the pillbox or other camnet whilst saving up.

Last Stand

This is it. All your bunkers, camnets and most other troops are gone, the survivors are huddled in a pillbox. Any 95+ exp. snipers send out of the bunker as they will be/pretty soon be permanently invisible and will do more harm to the enemy. Use Support on any infantry and set up a minefield. Last as long as possible, if all hope is lost, save up as much as possible and then call in Naval Arty, then send out all your troops to die with honour!

The normal propreitors of your troops death by explosives or superheated lead

Does what it says on the Yellow title

The Wespe!

It is the Wasp, like an annoying sting it will buzz away at your lines until they run away screaming or go into anyplhlatptic(something) shock

On a more serious note, these are harmless and can actually help if you set the defence up properly, otherwise they are killers, the best antidote is a good 'zook round to the frontal armour.

Self propelled artillery

Odd fact: NebelWerfer translates literally as Fog thrower, or Thrower of Fog

The PaK and Nebel are pretty damn annoying, if left unattended they can blow a bunker or camnet and leave you a bit screwed up.

Nebels take a hell of a long time to reload so you can destroy them in that period if they get off some shots. PaKs take less time but fire less shells.

Again, 'zook rounds will destroy it and the crew can be shot off.

Assorted Tanks with Explodey main weapons

Also known as the Tiger and Panzer tanks.

The main gun is a threat to anything except pillboxes and troops out in the open will get pumped full of lead by the main machine gun.

Again, the all purpose 'zook round is great here and airstrike can take them out as well.


With their blond hair, blue eyes and Nordic ancestry, who wouldn't want to be a sniper? Answer: The unit tasked with attacking that little defensive unit a few clicks away from Mortain.

The sniper will kick ass when not opposed by CAS, Other snipers, and NCO gunners with very itchy trigger fingers. 'Zook rounds will also help for the general pinning and uncloaking of snipers.

German Support & Unfair events Does what it says, Unfair Events are Unfair, you can't do much in preparation except spam AB units in the camnets and hope for the best.

Support can be countered, blasted out of the sky or diverted onto assaulting forces by very clever exploits.

Blitz waves

They blitz you, and give you lots of free TP.

For Infantry based blitzes call CAS, let your AP units fire and watch the carnage and beware Volley fire for it is deadly.

For Armoured blitzes your 'zooks or support will do the job.

For support blitzes let your siggy do the work, if you get V1'ed call Air superiority like a bat out of hell.

That rounds up my guide, have fun with your massive score!

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