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My Badges
This user lives in the USA : Flagthe USA.gif
This user is a/an New Editor : Rank1.gif
My User-Box
Age: Secret
Hometown: Urbanian Blood
Years of MnB: 3
Favorite Unit: Sarge
Best Wave: 1
Site I play MnB on: mnb.net

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Did you know?
F├╝hrer translates literally as Guide.

Welcome to the Mud and Blood Wiki!


This page is your personal page, where you post information about yourself. The Mud and Blood official Wiki makes it very easy to have a nicely formatted page with all the relevant information without having to learn how to code! Just click this link to be taken to the template page, where you can find out how to customize all the values in the template, and even how to add in some of your own content directly into the page!

About Me

This is where you put your basic information that you want people to see in a nice paragraphic form

MNB2 Ribbons
Ribbon Image Ribbon Image Ribbon Image Ribbon Image

Changing Default Parameters

This box is a userpage box with many changeable values.

Important: Make sure to change the welcome parameter and make it null or else the welcome message will remain.

Syntax is as follows:

| country = country code in Template:Country (see below)
| level   = Editor Level from Template:Editor (see below)
| age     = age in years (defaults to 'Secret')
| town    = hometown (defaults to 'Urbanian Blood')
| yrs     = Years of MnB
| favu    = Favorite Allied Unit name
| wave    = Highest wave reached
| site    = site you play MnB on
| rib1    = MnB ribbon 1  (see below)
| rib2    = MnB Ribbon 2
| rib3    = MnB Ribbon 3 ...
| rib50   = MnB Ribbon 50 (the final one)
| info    = Textual Content of Page
| welcome = (leave this area blank)

Country codes are here.

Editor codes are here.

To include the actual ribbon images, use a syntax like this:

 | rib1    = [[File:Combatribbon.png|100px]]

Replace the example "Combatribbon.png" with the name of the image you want to show. The ribbon images are included in the List of Medals.

Optional Parameters

These are the optionally addable parameters to customize the template:

Sets border color (use name or hexcode with hash mark)

| bdrclr = 

Sets background color (use name or hexcode with hash mark) e.g. for the default green on this site,
| bgclr  =

Sets border size

| bdr =

Sets alternate template title

| altname =
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