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Place this template preferably at the top of the structure page. The syntax is the following:

{{ Structure
| name   = Name
| image  = [[Image:File.ext]]
| hotkey = 5-1
| cost   = 1
| fx     =
* Bullet list of effects;
* Effect 2;
* Effect 3.
| desc   = Generic structure.

For unknown data, please type "?" in the field. For non-applicable data, please use "N/A" instead.

This template can be used multiple times in the same page if needed. By default, they will appear side-by-side. In order to force them to appear one below each other, add this extra parameter:

| pile   = 1

If you want to force other page content to appear below the template, instead of beside it, add this parameter:

| clear  = 1

Pages where this template is used will be entered into Category:Structures by default. To override this behavior, add this parameter:

| nocat  = 1

The box will float on the right side by default. To switch it to the left, add the following parameter:

| left   = 1

You can also align it to the center, but this will automatically force the clearing of the content:

| center = 1

Lastly, you can change the margin around the box. This might come in handy when placing multiple boxes side-by-side. By default, it is 12 pixels wide, as shown:

| margin = 12
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