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Unnamed Strategy
Used For/When:
Requires at Start:
Version compatibility:
Well, you get lots of mines and use them to kill people. But don't put too many or you'll find yourself not able to walk away or up the screen, which isn't good

General Usage

Here's the syntax:

{{ Strategy
| name   = Name
| use    = Purpose of strategy
| req    = Prerequisites (medals, deployment options)
| strat  = The physical strategy, including pics

For unknown data, please type "?" in the field.

This template can be used multiple times in the same page if needed. By default, they will appear side-by-side. In order to force them to appear one below each other, add this extra parameter:

| pile   = 1

If you want to force other page content to appear below the template, instead of beside it, add this parameter:

| clear  = 1

Pages where this template is used will be entered into Category:Strategy by default. To override this behavior, add this parameter:

| nocat  = 1

The box will float on the right side by default. To switch it to the left, add the following parameter:

| left   = 1

You can also align it to the center, but this will automatically force the clearing of the content:

| center = 1

Lastly, you can change the margin around the box. This might come in handy when placing multiple templates side-by-side. By default, it is 12 pixels wide, as shown:

| margin = 12
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