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This is a customizable, generic template that can be used in places where making a whole new template is not necessary. What you see on the right is the bare-bones version of it, but as you set the extra options new fields will appear. The only difference is that this is on a snowy background.

Place this template preferably at the top of the page. The syntax is the following:

{{ Snowy
| name   = Name
| image  = [[Image:Filename.gif]]
| side   = 1
| hotkey = 1-1
| cost   = 1
| req    = None.
| fx     = None.
| desc   = None.

Except for name and image, all other parameters are optional and can be safely removed, causing the corresponding fields not to appear in the template at all. If some of the data are pertinent but unknown, please do not remove the field. Rather, type "?" in it to let others know what is missing.

Note: the side parameter only has two possible values. Set it to 1 for Allied, or to 2 for Axis.

This template can be used multiple times in the same page if needed. By default, they will appear side-by-side. In order to force them to appear one below each other, add this extra parameter:

| pile   = 1

If you want to force other page content to appear below the template, instead of beside it, add this parameter:

| clear  = 1

The box will float on the right side by default. To switch it to the left, add the following parameter:

| left   = 1

You can also align it to the center, but this will automatically force the clearing of the content:

| center = 1

Lastly, you can change the margin around the box. This might come in handy when placing multiple boxes side-by-side. By default, it is 12 pixels wide, as shown:

| margin = 12
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