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Moderators can use this template to paste down commonly used canned messages into the talk pages of other users. These messages will appear is this showy box for added notice and several of them can be grouped at once in any chosen order.


Place this where you want the messages to appear:


You can then add the canned messages using their titles (a list is available further below). You can use any amount of them. Additionally, you can also write custom messages to show up before and after the others, using the |first= and |last= parameters.

After all messages, a standard Wiki Staff signature will be displayed along with a timestamp, unless you provide a custom signature with the |sign= parameter. NOTICE: The auto-signature isn't working, so please always override it with your own.

All in all, your template code could look like this:

{{ Message

| first = This is a special message from the Wiki Staff, please read carefully.
| Welcome
| SignTalkEdits
| DontFlame
| RespectModerators
| last  = If you have any doubts, please contact me personally.
| sign  = ~~~~


Available Messages

Below is the current list of canned messages. Whenever you see "Message" it will be replaced by the actual user name in whose talk page you used this template.



Hello Message and welcome to the Mud and Blood official Wiki! As a registered user, you are able to edit many of the pages of this Wiki and we heartfully recommend you to read our introduction to new editors.



We are thankful that you are stopping by to help, but in order to ensure that you really are helping, please follow these guidelines closely.



It is important that you read this message carefully and understand what it says.



To keep this place in running order, we have established certain Rules which must be adhered to by all registered users. As a new editor, you should take the time to read them. Doing so will give you a better idea of what is good and what isn't, preventing possible misunderstandings in the future. Ignorance is not a valid excuse for breaking the rules.



The MnB Wiki is moderated by a group of knowledgeable and trusted volunteers organized into three ranks: NCOs, Officers and Admins. You can learn more about their attributions and view a list of the current title bearers in our Staff page.



The moderators strive to maintain a healthy environment for the Wiki to develop and fulfill its purposes. We have established a set of editing guidelines and, while they are not set in stone, they should be followed whenever possible, especially when you are new here. They will help ensure that your contributions are not out of place, unwanted, discordant with the overall tone and style of the articles or even inappropriate! So please, save someone else the frustration of fixing every one of your edits! :-P Read up on the editing manual.



Know that you can better interact with other editors by making it a habit of visiting the Recent Changes page, accessible via the sidebar links. There you can not only view which articles have recently been edited, but also who are the currently active users and where are there discussions taking place. The edit summaries themselves often include important requests or useful comments.

Another important destination is the Maintenance Portal, from where all initiatives are organized and the current tasks can be viewed.



You may not think it's any problem editing a page multiple times, but our Wiki runs on a collaborative documentation software and every time you save an edit, it counts as an individual revision which is stored separately in the database. Edit a page 10 times, and now you've created 10 revisions in the database.

Furthermore, most of us here use the Recent Changes page to keep track of what's going on in the Wiki. Every individual edit that you submit counts as a separate change! As you can see, it can get spammed up pretty quickly.

In order to avoid all this, instead of submitting multiple small edits, please use the Preview button to see what it will look like. Check if everything is as you wanted it to be and take the opportunity to add anything else that you want to. Only when you have nothing more to add, then you should finally Save your edit.



When posting a message on a talk page (the discussion link that is found at the top of an article or user page), you should always sign it with four tildes ~~~~. They will be automatically replaced with your username and the current date/time. This way, it becomes easier to follow a discussion when you can see who said what and when they said it.

On the other hand, you should never sign any of your contributions to the main articles themselves. They must follow an encyclopedic writing style, without having each piece of information credited to a different contributor.



When editing pages, please utilize the Summary field (located right above the "Save page" button) to briefly explain the reasons for your edits. These summaries are seen in the edit history of a page and on the list of recent changes to the Wiki. They help the staff to monitor the overall activity.



When creating custom units for your user page (and any other content that utilizes one of the "info card" templates), please add the following line to each individual template:

| nocat = 1

If you do not, your user page ends up in the category for MnB game units!



The moderators work hard to keep the Wiki in order and to ensure its quality. They have been here for a long time and are very familiar with the purpose, organization and methods employed in this Wiki. You are to respect, at all times, their counsels and decisions. Naturally, they are not infallible and you are welcome to discuss any matter with them, but please do so respectfully. In the event of irreconcilable disputes, the determination of an Officer or Admin is final.



Message, you have received an official warning on account of a minor infringement you have committed. Upon the third such warning, you are liable to suffer a ban, whether a temporary or a permanent one.



If you insist on continuing with your current abhorrent behavior while failing to heed the moderator's messages to you, you are liable to receive a ban, whether a temporary or a permanent one.



The Wiki serves as a documentation tool for games in the Mud and Blood series and a select few other connected purposes. It is open to viewership of all ages and backgrounds, and as such any potentially objectionable content should be kept well within reason, such as, but not limited to: profanity, endorsement or open discussion of illegal activities and statements of a political/religious/philosophical nature pertaining to known controversial topics.

Such applies to all pages, be they part of the game manual, user submitted strategies, discussion pages or user profiles. While, for example, mild profanity may be allowable here and there, you should ask yourself if it is simply not better to get your point across another way. If in doubt, leave it out instead of testing the limits of everyone else's patience. ;-)



Flaming ("hostile and insulting interaction", according to Wikipedia) is absolutely not tolerated here. This is a collaborative documentation project and we are all volunteers; learn to get along or the collaboration becomes unviable. There is no reason or greater benefit for such abusive behavior. Let the strength of your argumentation and accuracy of your statements be the only judges in your favor. Leave out the hysteria, personal attacks and passive-aggressive crud that only serve to cover the real issue with a dense toxic cloud.



If there is disagreement surrounding a particular edit or piece of information, use the article's discussion page to reach a consensus with other interested editors. Never engage in an "edit war" where two or more users continuously revert or supersede each other's edits to the main article. Doing so is wasteful of database resources and creates an unnecessarily high amount of individual revisions, aside from it being a disrespectful behavior.



Further guidelines can be found in our Help section. Thank you for your understanding and we hope that you will continue with your contributions to the MnB Wiki.

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